Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Broke Little Farmhouse

It has been the week for everything to break.

My furnace.

My Washer.

And the toilet downstairs is leaking.

All these things TWO weeks before Christmas.

So here's the update...
The hubbs is HVAC certified but didn't have the parts needed for repair. He doesn't work HVAC as his job, he is certified because he works as a residential and commercial maintenance technician. He could have ordered the parts but it would have been 2-3 days. Um no! My house was 62°F and getting colder. I ended going up to Walmart at 1:30am to buy more space heaters because I was so cold. BBBRRRR So we broke down and made a service call. Fortunately the repairs were reasonable and I had a coupon, haha The bad news is our furnace is 16 years old. So we need to start saving for a replacement/ upgrade. The heating technician told us for Ohio 80% efficiency furnaces will no longer be permitted for installation after February 2013. Oh joy. So when we upgrade we will look at 90% efficiency 2 stage with a variable blower motor. What does that mean in English? Cost efficiency but it comes with an upfront cost. He also told us furnace manufacturers offer their best rebates beginning in March.  Oh yeah, the cost of the upgrade...$4000-$5000

The washer is KAPUT! It stopped in the middle of a load of white towels. I am thankful it wasn't the hubbs work clothes...again. Or jeans. Or comforters. I had to pull everything and wring by hand. From cold water in an already cold house. Turns out  the transmission is locked up. We have had the washer quite a while (8 yrs)and it was used when we got it. I talked about a previous mishap HERE. Wally's redneck rig lasted about 4 months. So guess who is shopping for a new washer and dryer tomorrow?

The toilet repair was easy--new bolts! Although the floor is feeling a little spongy--yikes! The hubbs said we may need to pull the toilet and cap it off until we can afford to redo the bathroom. We have a full bathroom  upstairs which has been completely remodeled.

Things could be much worse. So hopefully everything will be a little more smooth sailing because my bank account can't handle anymore emergencies.


  1. You've had a lousy week! Bad luck comes in threes, so maybe this is it?? I sure hope so.
    Me?---I got my property tax bill last week. Merry Christmas. Yea.

    1. Tax bill--there's a word that strikes fear into every homeowner...ugh!

  2. Oh my gosh! That is terrible! Our furnase has been not turning on and hubby keeps doing something to get it going again. Then our dumb space heater broke, too! If I had washers and toilets breaking I don't think I would be too happy. I can't believe the price of a new furnace? Can you get a different one before the changes take place? I saw your washer, and glad you are getting a new one! But yes, lot's of money with appliances. Sorry :/

  3. Wow. Sue is right about the threes. I had a similar experience a few weeks before Thanksgiving except mine was refrigerator, oven & AC. Refrigerator still not working. Husband thought he could fix the oven & accidentally wound up breaking the thermostat & he ordered what he thought were the correct parts but weren't. So he got tired of trying & we have a repair person coming tomorrow, & unfortunately, we don't have a coupon.

    Good luck in getting everything back to working order!


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