Monday, December 17, 2012

Now for a break

My goodness where has the time gone? We are 2 weeks away from ringing on a new year. I made it through my first semester as a full time student. I finished the semester with 4-A's and 1-B. Not to bad considering I have been out of school a VERY long time. And not to mention the last few months have been an emotional roller coaster with my Dad battling cancer in hospice and his subsequent passing.

I am on break until classes resume on January 7th and I am putting the time to good use. I have several unfinished projects and several small projects to work on. So I am planning on writing a few blog posts

1) We installed storm doors which I mentioned we were shopping for  HERE

2) I have some puppy damage projects updates
My adorable but destructive Frazzle

3) The new washer/ dryer install I had already talked about and has now spawned a room redesign plan

4) Stairwell update-I am FINALLY going to finish this dang it!

5) Maybe a craft or 2

As for now I am taking advantage of the Spring like weather to finish cleaning the garden beds, install some weather stripping and weatherize the house a little more before the big cold comes rolling in..

On my mark, get set, GO!


  1. Yay you!! I have some projects down here if you get a break, lol.


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