Sunday, May 12, 2013

A 2 hour delegated project

I think it was sometime in January when the glass exploded on our patio table. And explode it did. Little shards of glass spewed everywhere. I am STILL finding glass chunks in the yard and in patio crevices. So none y'all best go barefoot around my house...

The table  is an odd shaped called a boat or bow shape. I have found it is cost prohibitive to purchase new glass.  Well the hubbs and I hemmed and hawed about trying to determine what is the best course of action--try to repair the table with a new top or purchase a  new patio set. Since glass and plexiglass were out of the question, we looked at having plywood cut to fit, then sealing. However the lip of the table was 5/8 inch thick and there were no supports for the wood. It would have sagged. Not to mention that table was almost 20 years old. So we bit the bullet and agreed to purchase a new table, chairs and umbrella.

Ummm easier said than done. The sets we found in our price range was light weight metal and not what we (and by we--I mean me) have in mind. I looked at all the big box stores (Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart) and everything I liked was over a $1000--um no can't afford that.

Finally one day I was at Target and I thought why not. I might as well see what they have. And then I saw it. The perfect table. Oil rubbed bronze with a tile table top-- it was on sale AND in my price range. I used my Target card and saved an additional 5%.  The table is HEAVY. The best part is the table top. It isn't glass and if anything happens to to the tiles I can buy new ones in ANY color to replace them. omg I can re-decorate my patio table?!

We live right around the corner from Target and once we came home I decided I wanted a set of rocker swivel chairs to match. So we went back and bought those. Now I have 6 chairs (4 regular and 2 swivel). 2 of the regular chairs are moving to the front entry porch and there is a project that goes along with that. It took the hubbs about 2 hours  to assemble everything. The market umbrella was purchased at Kohl's. On sale for $69.99, I had  a 25% coupon and $40 in Kohls cash. Out of pocket expense (before taxes)  was $12.49. SCORE! This is the first time in 23 years we have had a brand new patio set and we absolutely love it. 

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