Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Friday Y'all

Oh, indeed, it is a happy Friday. I finished my semester yesterday and I am on break for 18 glorious days. EIGHTEEN GLORIOUS DAYS!!  Which means lots of projects. Or a lot of time spent thinking about projects. Which leads to a lot of time googling said project ideas and pinning them on pinterest. And the next thing you know the 18 days have passed, I have a dozen unfinished projects, plaster in my hair, paint on my ass, several lacerations, a black eye and have eaten my feelings in my weight equivalent of pasta, chicken fried rice and oreos. So to save us all time, disappointment, pain, a potential trip to the urgent care, and me gaining anymore weight,  I won't promise any projects. So IF I do something it will be a surprise--to all of us, haha.

True Story

Although I do have a  frugal find to share. 

I made a quick trip to Kohl's. I have been scouting a coverlet for my couch because my dogs are not well trained enough to stay off of the furniture. I really didn't want the hassle of a slipcover and sheet was too flimsy looking for my liking. Surprise! I scored an awesome deal on a twin sized coverlet (too bad it wasn't a full size).

Normal price $99.99, on clearance (80% discount) for $19.99, minus a 30% coupon (yay!) and $10 in Kohls cash results in my out of pocket cost (before taxes) $3.99. YAHOO!  I was concerned it may not cover the couch correctly but as you can see it fits nicely and is dog approved.

And   in other news...
I have lots-o- little seedlings in the fantastic plastic greenhouse. Well it WAS fantastic until the hubbs wrecked it with the weed whacker. Now it is rather rednecktified with tape along the bottom...siiiggghhh.

The hubbs is on a stay-cation this week and you know what that means! A honey-do list! Which I so thoughtfully printed off and taped to the door of his man cave. You're welcome, hehe

The big garden bed has been roto-tolled again and hopefully plants go in by Mother's Day. The 5 raised beds have been cleaned up. I have asparagus coming up (yay!). Strawberries are going gangbusters--lots of blooms and even a few tiny berries-- except I need to put netting over them to keep the birds away from them. My thyme and sage came back on their own but all the other herbs will need replaced including my HUGE 3 yr old rosemary bush. Totally my fault because I didn't dig it up and put it by the garage mulched with straw. Kinda bummed about that...

Now for much needed advice...I need to prune my grapevine which I have not done. Any of my readers have experience with this? When is the best time? How much do I cut? And how can I do cuttings to harvest the vine for crafts?

My class schedule for summer is only 3 classes until end of June then I will pick up a 4th class until the summer semester ends in August. Only 2 more semesters to go until I can graduate and embark on my new career. Hopefully I can get back in the groove and post more than 1x per week..

I do thank all of my readers for hanging in there with me. It has been difficult to to do any house projects with the demands of school. Not to mention money has been so tight. Yes it should give rise to more creative solutions (and has) but I have been very overwhelmed  with the demands from my classes.

Well that is all for now. Get out there and enjoy the sunshine wherever you are!


  1. I have grape vines. Do not cut the vines now. Only prune grape vines the second week after Christmas until the last of January. There is a small window. Vines must be completely dormant. I cut mine a bit too late one year, knowing better. My vines 'bled' for months, and there were no grapes. Thankfully, they recovered the next year. So, you missed the window. Forget it this year. Well, unless you live near the Arctic Circle. You have had your hands full.

    When you do prune, prune side branches and leave the main vine alone. That is about all you need to know. But, wait until they have been dormant and before the wake up.

    Practical Parsimony


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