Monday, May 13, 2013

My not so fancy corner office

I must have some kind of gypsy blood. Or ants-in-my-pantsitis. Because I am constantly moving stuff around. I had taken over the dining room as my office which at first was great because I could spread out but that ended up not working because that is also the puppy prison. And the dog really did eat my homework. And my office chair. And my credit card. And my curtains. And my...well you get it.

I tried working upstairs in the spare bedroom but I am not gonna lie, it was far too comfy. The smushy bed and all those pillows--um yeah I usually fell asleep, which is great for bedtime not so much for project crunch time. I mean seriously, could you stay awake in this room and study?

So then I thought instead of using the little folding TV tray table why not move my Grandma's desk into the  living  room. But that meant something had to go. I sacrificed the big comfy recliner. It was old, the foot mechanism was sticking,  it wasn't so comfy anymore and quite frankly was just plain big. Grandma's desk has made the rounds between various family members and is a little worse for wear. Someday I will refinish it or something. I just haven't got there yet.

I stacked a child size bookcase I purchased at a thrift store to give it a hutch look. I like that it is off center so I can tuck in a basket of pens (possibly some candy canes--don't judge) and my phone in the little nook.

The chair I am using as an office chair is an old wooden folding chair and is NOT comfortable at all. A quick fix involved 2 old throw pillows and apple green standard sized pillowcases to use as "slipcovers". I wouldn't fall asleep in this chair but at least my butt is no longer doing so. And I don't  have to get up hunched over like a turtle because my back hurts from sitting on slab of wood.

I had to spend FOUR hours cleaning, organizing and decrapifying my living room to make room for everything but I probably needed to that anyways.  The room feels much more open. Overall I think it looks nice tucked in the corner and fill what would otherwise be an awkward space.

Tovah approves this blog post, haha


  1. I think it works. Plus, you'll be in the same room as everybody else! p.s. Yes, that bedroom does look inviting for a nap.

    1. Everybody means me, the 2 guinea pigs and the dogs. The hubbs hangs out in his man-land in the garage because I have a no smoking policy in the house. It is a win-win because no cig smoke and no sports on the tv, lol

  2. Isn't it funny how guest rooms always seem to be the best place to nap? Maybe it's just cause it's different and usually (n our case anyway) straightened up better than the regular bedroom.

    Nice job on everything, now go study!!

    1. I do like this room better than the master. I think it is because it is girly. And because it is completely redone. The master is still a work in progress. And I don't have to study because I am on break until Monday-HA! (hehe)


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