Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Root Cellar Envy

We put so much work into our vegetable garden it makes sense we should try to preserve as much of it as possible. Maybe not all of us have gardens but belong to a garden co-op or find really good deals on fresh produce and and would like to save it. 

not a bad haul!

A generation or two our ancestors didn't have the luxury of  a 24 hour mega mart around the corner. What they grew, they ate, they canned , pickled, smoked, dried, salt packed or stored in a root cellar. I don't have a root cellar but I sure wish I did.

I can picture it with jars of jams, pickles and other mouth watering yummies lined up like little jewelled soldiers. Baskets of apples, pears, squash, and potatoes just waiting to be eaten. I can smell the air fragrant with clusters of onion, garlic, peppers, lavender and sunflower pods drying. And I can feel the cool air as I walk in the cellar and survey rewards reaped from a season of hard work. Oh how I long to have a root cellar!

A well-stocked pantry!
Who else has a root cellar?  A great place to store Aroostook County potatoes during the winter--keeps them tasty for many, many months!  :-)
I rely on canning ...
HOT salsa in pint and a half jars
Hot squash pickles
onion relish
Zucchini relish
Polish Dill pickles
and freezing for almost all of my food preservation efforts. 

I have a food dehydrator but have yet to use it, I am ashamed to say. Next year, I swear I will use it!

But all my thoughts keep going back to a root cellar. My house has a cellar/ basement/ dungeon  that might work  as a root cellar. Or perhaps I could turn a corner of my detached garage into a root cellar. I have been reading up on it and one way or another I am gonna have a root cellar!

How about y'all--anyone have a root cellar? Memories of a root cellar from when you were younger? Ideals on making a root cellar? I would love to hear all about it!


  1. I've always wanted a root cellar. My basement is way too warm. My garage is way too cold. And we have nothing but pure sand for ground--you can't "dig" anything-it caves in on itself. But yes,--I do lust after one. I'm looking for ideas all the time. Maybe bury an old van? LOL!
    Might work.............

  2. My grandparents had a root cellar and as a kid I was always fascinated by it. The door was in the floor of the back bedroom and it was a real treat to get to go down there with her. I was too young to appreciate what goodies were there, but it would be wonderful to have one, I agree.

  3. I would kill for anything underground (well not literally kill of course, lol). A basement, a storm cellar, a root cellar, a fallout shelter, I just want something underground, ha.

  4. Since having a garden over the last couple of years, I can totally appreciate images of a root cellar ( I don't have one either) like you, I have been learning to can and have been really enjoying it. When you have a garden bounty, after you have eaten some, and shared some....What's left you want to preserve. I have found canning to be incredibly satisfying.

    I really enjoyed this post.



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