Sunday, August 11, 2013

It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind (aka kitchen update)

at least that is what I told the hubbs AFTER I had changed my mind regarding the counter top and flooring selections, haha oops! 

The good news is nothing was ordered or purchased before I changed my mind. I had previously shared some of my selections and finishes when I first talked about the kitchen makeover. However, when I went to Lowe's to purchase the materials, I just wasn't "feeling it". I pulled out all of my original swatches and decided I didn't like any of them. There was something wrong with each of them...too dark, too grey, too flesh colored, too...whatever!

So I dumped all the previous selections, walked around Lowe's, picked out new swatches of flooring, counter top and paint. I was bound and determined to make a decision. Besides Lowe's doesn't close until 10 pm, so I had plenty of time, haha. There was one particular combination that I paired together that I drawn to time and again. The good news- the "new" linoleum was cheaper--yay! The bad news- the counter top was NOT cheaper--boo! And both the formica counter top and linoleum  would need to be ordered, there went my blitzkrieg makeover!

But I pulled the trigger and I ordered them! WOOT! My rationale is I have already scaled back considerably and I need to be happy in the space. So I made a few concessions. I downgraded my sink and faucet to adjust for the counter top cost.

The original formica counter top and vinyl flooring selection was Wilsonart Madura Gold 4923K-52 ($96/ 6 ft counter top) and Congoleum Fast Track Windstone Mocha 04526 ($2.19/sf)

These are the formica counter top and vinyl flooring which I purchased. Wilsonart Sandy Topaz 4862K-07 ($197/ 6 ft  flat deck/ no drip edge countertop) and Congoleum Pacesetter Multi/ Bisque Slate 60054-6449 ($1.57/sf) .

These colors aren't "true life" and do match much better than what is pictured. I went with the 2nd choice because it was brighter and more clean looking. The patterns are more uniform and not as aesthetically distracting for me like the first choice. Since they were ordered we are looking at a 2-4 week delay. Oh well...

I downgraded the sink to a single bowl acrylic. I can't say that I am a fan of acrylic sinks but it fit my 2 criteria 1) cheap 2) it is 10 inches deep. So plenty big enough to accommodate my canning pots and my extra large baking sheets. Corstone Coventry($169)
I chose a goose neck faucet and a sprayer. Y'all I am gonna have a sprayer! I may not have a dishwasher but I am gonna have a sprayer! haha Delta Windemere High Arc faucet in stainless ($98).

The 3 paint colors I am trying to choose from right now are Gilded Endive (7003-22), Hemingway (7005-8) and Madison Avenue (7006-14) all by Valspar. I know there are very subtle differences. I think I am going to order samples and paint swatches on the wall so I can decide what works. When I compare the paint chips to the formica and vinyl samples any of the 3 seem like they would work.

Well that's where we are with the project. At least it is moving forward!


  1. I have a single bowl sink and LOVE it. I would never go back to a double sink--so nice to have the space to wash those huge pans.

    1. Sus,

      I am awfully excited to be able to wash my canning pots in the kitchen sink. You know a big sink and sprayer are mighty high falutin' things around here, lol. Currently when I want to wash my canning pots I scrape out the gunk into the kitchen sink, soap them up, take them to them bathtub to use the sprayer and then carry them BACK full of dirty soapy water to the kitchen sink to dump. Repeat 3 or 4 times until they are clean. It is AWFUL!!! But now with my big sik I won't have to do that. Now if I coulf only have a pot filler by my stove!

  2. Where did you get your Congoleum Pacesetter multi/beige slate floor at? Thanks

    1. We at Lowes (special order) in 2013. It has since been discontinued.


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