Monday, August 26, 2013

Take a seat

Boy, oh boy does the hubbs know me or what?!

His work is remodelling the model apartment and they were getting rid of furniture. They actually told him to throw it away. So he did the next best thing. He loaded it int the back of his truck and brought it home.


Remember when my dog Frazzle ate my office chair?
 I was going to reupholster it but I didn't get around to it because I have been so busy taking my classes. I tried using a pillow but boy was it ever uncomfortable!

Then I was using a folding chair with a pillow. It was slightly less uncomfortable but not much.

So this awesome chair is now being used as my office chair.

 I have it the living room as an occasional chair. I am not crazy about it being black leather/ pleather/ vinyl. But all the decorating experts say every room needs a little black, so there you go.

When I need it for the desk I just wheel it around . A much needed improvement! No more achey back or numb butt, haha.

The hubbs also brought home a matched pair of these dining chairs. I wish he could have brought a dining table with them, haha. I would like to reupholster the seats, other than that they are quite lovely! They are in the garage for now. Boy Meow Meow, our cat who live in the garage,  has already claimed  them to sleep on. So I put old towels over them for now. He may give me a fight when I finally take them back.


  1. Love free stuff! And, that office/extra chair looks really comfortable.

  2. That's great! You know if you wanted to get a wild hair someday, you could probably tape off that leather/pleather/vinyl and paint that wood a cool color that would look nice with the black. Sort of a shabby chic look. Or maybe sand it a bit and re-stain it with a color stain.


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