Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August Wrap Up

What's new? What's going on? Anything exciting? Funny? Mundane?

School Related
I am back in school  after I had a 1 week break from school mid August. I am now in my second to last semester (YAY) AND I made the Dean's List again (more YAY's).

But it wasn't much of a break. No lazing around in a hammock -assuming I had a hammock or trees to attach a hammock. Nope, I have been busy, busy, busy! I have been a canning and preserving fool! Lots of  pickles, relishes, and some sauce making. Lots of chopping, shredding, and freezing. Even some baking going on here at My Cozy Little Farmhouse.

Garden Related
I am trying to  get as much done before the kitchen gets ripped out (which is in 3 days y'all!). And to be honest my garden has slowed considerably. The cukes, melons, zukes, and other squash plants are done. The corn was a bust--either under ripe, over ripe and  much of  it was hit by nasty corn borers. Time for me to rip out the plants. The only thing left that has potential for harvest are my second succession planting of tomatoes which I expect in the next 2 weeks but it looks like it will be only enough for salads and sandwiches. But I am ok with that. since if it were more I would either have to can in the garage  (ick!) or lug my stuff to my daughter house to use her kitchen . I may have more  hot peppers and  sugar pie pumpkins  are coming but I don't think they are going to make it. The squash borers have taken over and I honestly don't have the energy to fight them. I had hoped to harvest the grapes to can juice and jam but sadly with the kitchen remodel that is unlikely.

Kitchen Related
My gigantic roll of linoleum arrived, as did my countertop-woot!

Now I faced with the logistics of WHERE am I gonna put all my kitchen stuff? I have some totes packed already. We will have a temporary kitchen with the bare basics (fridge, coffee maker, and microwave).

My kitchen entire first floor, is a disaster area as I pack up the kitchen. Feeling a tad overwhelmed and we haven't even demolished the room--YET.

Fingers crossed when I write my September wrap up I will be able to say the kitchen is finished.


  1. Having survived (barely!) two kitchen remodels, I can tell you there are tough times ahead, but it's going to be so nice when it's done. Hang in there, smart chickie! Congrats on making the dean's list.

    1. Thanks Sue! I can only imagine the stress if we had decided to go with the original remodel plans-moving plumbing and all that jazz. Seeing all the boxes and crates of stuff in the garage is a surreal knowing this is REALLY gonna happen! I can't believe you had TWO kitchen remodels-yikes! I know--eye on the prize.

      I was kinda freaking the last couple weeks of the semester because I knew my points were close. I ended up with 3 A's and 1 B. This (past) semester was the lowest GPA I had at 3.75. My own fault for being distracted and disenchanted. I have to make sure I buckle down from here on out. I have 36 weeks before I am finished with school and take my certification exam. I can and WILL do this!!


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