Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My outdoor space looks like dookie

Another summer season has come to an end  but brought with it a list of things to do...

The hubbs took down the potable pool and now it looks like a spaceship landed in my yard

Drying the pool solar cover reminds of a prom dress gone so very wrong

I need to clean out and put away my portable greenhouse turned  pool storage

I need to mow down and rototil garden up because it is an overgrown and weedy mess

I need to trim the Weigela that is threatening to overtake the porch

I need toclean out and take down the flower boxes with their scraggly and crispy from the heat plant remains

The ONLY thing that looks remotely lush and lovely are my marigolds which exploded in size. No need to worry about insects in this bed next year or the one after that, haha.

How about you-Are you lamenting that summer is over or all the work it brings?

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  1. I'm GLAD summer is over and my workload actually decreases once the rush of garden produce is done. I've got 2 more 5 gallon buckets of apples to process and about 150 (million!!) pears to do and then I'm DONE!!!!!


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