Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lightening and Brightening My Dining Room (In Progress)

I posted a poll on MCLF facebook page

What is the worst thing about painting?
a) The cost of paint
b) Picking a color
c) The prep work
d) Waiting for the paint to dry
e) Clean up
f) Not wanting to hang things on freshly painted walls
g) All of the above

I should have added another choice--all the aches and pains from climbing up and down ladder or handling a 5 gallon bucket of paint.

I used the leftover paint from my kitchen. So the cost and color choice were non-issues. I have an intense dislike of the prep work--mostly because I am climbing up/ down the ladder and trying to tape a straight line when every surface  in this house is anything but straight. The waiting for the paint to dry is me being impatient to apply the 2nd coat. Clean up usually falls to the hubbs, ha! And I have to admit I will hesitate before hanging things on freshly painted walls.

After the kitchen renovation, all the other rooms look... kinda cruddy. So it was time to roll up our collective sleeves and get busy.

GOODBYE moody Smoked Oyster walls, HELLO Straw Basket (even though it looks off white in this picture it is a creamy pale yellow).

I hated the paneling when we moved it. I hate painting it with almost the same fervor. 
A little sneaky peaky. It looks so nice--light and bright. Better to showcase some of my decorative pieces. This is my Ray Eyerly print that I won from an online auction a few years ago. I wish it wee an original...cha-ching!  I gave it a little more prominence by  by adding the barn stars. I fell in love with this print at first sight and I still love it. Ignore the ugly old wall thermostat.That is on the list of projects to move and replace.

Ignore the cat bowl and food dispenser. I had to temporarily relocate it out of the dogs greedy little paws. No window treatment? No problem! Just use the biggest canvas in your possession to cover  the window, ha! Actually, I don't mind covering this window because it has a view of the carport and the dogs bark less now that they can't see out of it. I consider it a win! I know none of my decorative pieces match, but they make me happy. There is no chance a designer would ever come to my house and proclaim my house perfectly designed. HA! That is ok because I decorate for me.

New curtains to cover up the can-tastic closet. The old curtains were mutilated by a certain brown and black dog named Frazzle.  Don't be fooled by his innocent appearance!

The Guilty Party
95 inch Curtain panels-IKEA
 I had to stand on the top of the paint ladder when I hung these curtains. I hate heights! My arms and shoulders were burning by the time installed the hardware, fitted the curtain rods and wrangled the curtains onto the rods. But it looks nice and softens all the hard angles of the room.

Project List
  • Floor repair- should we level or or build a platform? 
  • Finish flooring  
  • Install trim work
  • Install molding 
  • Install new window--personally I would like to eliminate the window since it opens to the carport. That would require re-doing the whole wall-frame, insulate, sheet rock or paneling, repaint and not to mention the exterior work.
  • Purchase and install a new exterior door--unless I could have my porch conversion!
  • Update the outlets
  • Move the thermostat and replace with programmable thermostat,
  • Install new light fixture, 
  • Build and install closet doors  
  • Clean, organize and reconfigure the storage closet--In progress  
  • Dresser project
  • paint EVERYTHING--In progress 
Until we can determine the scope of our project, refreshing the room with paint was a quick and easy fix. I hope to enjoy it for a while, before it too becomes a construction zone. Given our list of priorities, this project won't happen until Spring 2016. 


  1. Just get a new face plate for the thermostat and frame it! I know it's silly but hey, it is what it is. Sure you don't want to call attention to it but let's face it- everyone has one in their house. Lol

  2. You have a real talent for sprucing up a room.
    And dont' you dare ever mention DESIGNER. Blah. I never understood how people could hire someone to decorate their house. You get what the designer wants, nothing that reflects YOU. I have a mish mash of pieces. I only buy stuff I truly love--and it's all from antique shops, etc. Each piece has a story--where hubby and I were travelling. It's a reminder of our life....nothing you'd get from a designer and the new crapola they put in your home.
    Can't wait to see more of your lovely projects!!


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