Sunday, August 2, 2015

Two-fer Meals_ Veggie grill packets and Taco Squash Boats

I was in the middle of prepping food for lunch when I decided I had an opportunity to prep a two-fer meal. I was making veggie packets and chicken for the grill. I had 1 good sized yellow squash but didn't want to use all of it for the veggie packets.

Grilled Chicken and Veggie Foil packs

Veggie Packs
3 small potatoes-peeled, cubed & rinsed, 1/2 small green pepper slivered, 1 inch thick slice ripe tomato, 1/2 of yellow squash neck as half inch slices, oil, himalayan salt, onion powder and black pepper. Wrap veggies in 2 oiled foil sheets, cook on 350°F grill until tender. 
(Sorry no after picture --we ate it before I remembered I needed a picture)

Taco Squash Boats
Slice the clean squash in half lengthwise. Remove a small slice from bottom of squash and remove the neck portion of squash.. Scoop the seed and pith. Place into an oiled dish.
Add diced tomato (equivalent to 1&1/2 small tomatoes)
 1/2 of a small diced green pepper
  dash of cumin,salt, pepper, and approximately 1 1/2 cups leftover taco meat (from the night before)
and 1/2 slice of hot hungarian pepper divided among the 2 halves of scooped squash.
 I placed 2 teaspoons of water in the bottom of the pan and covered it with foil. It was cooked on the grill (350°F) for 20 minutes (top rack).
 After removing the foil, I sprinkled a little cheese and placed it back on the grill (heat off) and let stand for about 10 minutes until the cheese melted. 
 You can see all the layers. It is so light and flavorful. There are no heavy carbs which is good if your are dieting or looking for filling meal on a hot summer day. Not to mention we can can always use another recipe for summer squash.
We couldn't resist, so we split 1 for dinner. It was so good!  Now the other has been split and packed for tomorrow's lunch.

Any squash recipes y'all want to share?


  1. OH MY GOSH! That all looks wonderful!!! I love how you used the neck of the squash for one dish and the main part for the other. Smart! And I supposed these could just as easily be done in the oven too huh? Thanks!

    1. LOL, yes this can be made in the oven. Same temp 350* same time of 20 minutes I would imagine. I didn't want to heat the house up so it was nice to use the grill. I think you could use any type of squash for this recipe.

  2. Those look fantastic---something I will definitely try.
    Hope you're staying cool this summer. Our heat FINALLY broke and we got some nice rain yesterday. Good weed pulling weather---ha!

    1. Trying to stay cool! I spent some time in the garden yesterday. The weather is much cooler but I was still a hot mess by the time I was finished, lol


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