Thursday, July 23, 2015

Porch conversion idea

As I make my way through what feels like my neverending list of projects I have been obsessing about fencing the yard, remodeling the bathroom/ laundry room and I have added a new obsession--
an enclosed front porch!

I dislike how my main entry opens to the dining room and always believed I needed some type of vestibule. The it dawned on me--for a smart person, sometimes I am a little slow on the uptake--that my current porch really is useless as a porch due to it diminutive dimensions but would make a wonderful enclosure. We truly seldom use the front porch, so why not try to reclaim it as usable living space?

Now I have absolutely no idea as to the feasibility of this project--zoning, permits and cost--but it hasn't stopped me from such things. Hello Google and Pinterest, ha.

This is my porch from 2012 and not much has changed except the plants have gotten bigger.

My idea would be to shorten the porch so as not to cover the living room window. 
 I found this posted on Old House Web forum. It gives a good visual as to how my addition could look with  the entry offset and  a small scale enclosure. 
Old House Web Forum
My porch dimensions currently are 5 feet depth by 24 feet length and  if I were to have my enclosure the dimensions would be 5 feet by 18 feet (shorten the length so as to not cover the window. That seems like a lot of good space!

There would be a larger space on the left (5x 9)--I envision low bookcases under the windows with plants lining the outside wall with possibly a club chair and ottoman and to the the right (5 x 5) would be a coat/ boot bench--sort of the "mud room" area of the vestibule.

Project wish list 
Remove all the current siding within the vestibule.
Insulate and drywall
Add a few outlets
Move the exterior light fixture from wall to ceiling
Slate tile for the flooring but would settle for a faux painted and stained concrete.
Full pane horizontal sliders, so as not to block the view--even if it is of my neighbors house.(The dimensions would allow for 4-5 nice sized  windows)
Bamboo blinds for privacy.
Main entry door would be 2/3 glass but etched/ frosted for privacy.
A transom with our house numbers!
Expand the entry into the dining room  from a 36 inch opening to 42-46  inches if possible. I would like to frame it in nice thick molding and casing and no interior door. Wide open space. How lovely. 

Can you picture it?

Forgive my poor artistic skills but these are my mock ups and they aren't to scale...

Of course this is a "down the road aways" project and would need to take place around the siding and roofing phase. But a girl can dream...


  1. Sounds like some fine ideas , but I'd try and shorten the length AND add to the width. Five feet really isn't much space when you get walls up. Just a thought.....

    1. I need to check zoning. I am not sure if we can expand the footprint


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