Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh deer, a project diss and boozy peaches

Hello all my bloggies! A quick post today.

1) The marauding band of deer returned and finished the remains of my garden. The strawberries are merely green sticks, all the tomato plants stripped bare--every last tomato is gone-- the only thing I am left with are a few fat jalapenos and a couple of habaneros....Sigh... We are expecting temps in the 90's this weekend, which would have been great for my tomatoes--if there were any left! I am considering buying a couple of plants for the patio. Damn deer! What are some of your tips for keeping the wildlife from turning your garden into an all you can eat buffet?

The deer could have at least eaten the weeds in addition to the strawberries. How rude!

2) I am almost finished with my No Dig Zone project. The hubbs kinda dissed my project. Stay tuned for part 3 which shows the completed project, you can read about his unfortunate diss and decide who was right about this project...ummm me!

3) I scored a really good deal on some peaches, so there is some small batch canning going on at the MCLF homestead. Boozy peaches anyone? oh yeah!

 As a side note, I am wondering if my blog is working properly?

Hello...Is this thing on?
I am experiencing a lot of traffic on my site and seeing shares with Google Plus but not one comment in 10 days. I know some other bloggers were experiencing some issues with comments. So if you would take a moment, to leave a comment. If you find there is an issue and you are unable to comment on my post, would someone be so kind as to go to my Facebook page, leave a comment there or private message me?


  1. My vegetables have always been in a fenced in plot and I've not had trouble with them.
    The flower beds, however, are a different story. Just yesterday I put up fencing (temporary UGLY stuff) because they
    have mowed down my flowers over and over again. I tried Plantskyd this year for the first time---$30 a box. And no---it didn't work. The only thing it repelled was humans---overwhelming stench of rotten eggs , garlic, and blood. Hideous.
    My soap remedy worked for like two weeks.
    Bounce sheets worked for a week, but looked awful.
    Fencing, dear lady, is the ONLY thing that works. Unfortunately!!

    1. Eeeeww--- that Plantskyd sounds like the worst thing ever! Sigghh, fencing--I dream about fencing. There is always next year right?

  2. I haven't had any comment problems, that i know of anyway but blogger is finicky at times. Sorry about your garden. Dang it.

    OK, boozy peaches? I'm intrigued. Is it jam/jelly? Or something for pies?

    1. Well the comments seem to be working ok--so I will chalk it up to a blogger glitch, lol. Boozy peaches (or any fruit for that matter) is fruit macerated in alcohol. Macerated means soaked. Alcohol is one of the easiest forms of food preservation. Once the fruit has soaked in the alcohol of your choice for the required time, you can store as is without canning OR take the macerated fruit, cook it in a sugar syrup (where most of the alcohol--not all) will flash off then follow normal canning techniques. Macerating takes a long time. The best example is Rumtopf --which is absolutely heavenly--and will get you drunk as a skunk, lol!

      The quick way is to add alcohol to fruit when canning or making jam. Most of the alcohol flashes off but you are left with some alcohol content and the flavor of the booze. Bourbons and brandies are good choices for this. These are great for pies, glazes, over ice cream...or eating straight from the jar.


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