Wednesday, July 8, 2015

No dig zone and thinking outside the box (part 1)

I have an ugly corner by my  porch. Unfortunately, I can't get rid of it because I am no pioneer gal. I am kinda partial to my electric and cable. I  am not partial to all the ugly! All I want to do is hide all of the cables, gas pipes and meter. This one of the first things you see when driving towards my house. Yuck!   I can't dig down  to place post of any kind because it is concrete and there are gas lines. I also need leave access to the utility workers if needed.

Ugh...this is all kinds of ugly!

In a somewhat related topic, I decided to think outside the box in terms of some decorations for this little corner while I figure out how to hide the eyesore.

This is part of my inspiration. Any guesses as to what this is?

If you guessed Starry Night, you would be...incorrect.



Yep-- a bowling ball. I think this undrilled bowling ball has been moved to every closet, nook and cranny in this house over the last...12 years. I finally had enough and decided it would make a great gazing ball.

See what I mean about the distracting ugliness of  the meter, cables and gas pipe?! I have no idea how long the bowling ball can stay outside before discoloring and fading. However, it is a free decoration for now and in the future I can always paint, glue stuff on or embellish in some manner.

OK back to the project on  hand...

I decided the quickest, easiest and cheapest fix is to paint the pipes and box white  to blend with the house as much as possible.

The first thing I did (after putting on gloves getting rid of cobwebs) was use a wire brush and knock off all the flaking paint and rust. I hosed it down and let it dry overnight.

I used Rust-Oleum Flat White spray paint. Definitely an improvement!  Ummm do you think I could talk the cable and phone companies into coming out and changing all the cabling to white cables? Hahaha. OK I am MAYBE just a little OCD about stuff....Seriously, do you think they would do so?  Or maybe--I can get white tubing to go over the cables (like used for computer cables)?

This is only the 1st coat. Ignore the over-spray and spiderwebs. (gross) The rocks will be raked and the webs will get removed...again before  a 2nd coat for everything. I didn't paint over the plastic cover or the serial number plate. I figured they might not be to happy with that. I don't know if I was even allowed to paint the pipes,  so I guess I will find out if I get a fine or summons.  Pay attention, I may be appearing on the most wanted posters in the post office. HA!

I thought about installing a  series of large sized colorful pots with a trellis or obelisk and potted with some vining plants--perhaps cardinal climber or black eyed susan vine--would help conceal this eyesore  this a little more.  The plants must be able to withstand direct suns all day as this is a due west exposure. Several pots would be easier to move than one large installation .

Not bad for a few bucks and 30 minutes of time, eh?

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