Sunday, July 5, 2015

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

You know the kind where you are having a bad luck streak a mile long?

Because y'all...I feel like my life is a country song...all twangy and kinda sad.

My garden has been chosen as the all you can eat buffet by a marauding band of deer. The zucchini and yellow squash were eaten right off the plants. The tomatoes were given a buzz cut. My cucumbers were climbing up my trellis until the deer ate them.

The  daughter strawberry plants I had transplanted were sheared off.

 See the hoof prints! gggrrr

My patio umbrella broke. It was a pretty nice one too. A wooden market umbrella that I had scored on a really good sale. It looks like a torsion break at the level where the pole goes into the base. So there is no repair to save it. Bummer. I did go to Lowe's and bought a metal replacement. It is nice, just kind of bland (beige). Oh well, it does the job, that is what matters, right?

And my 3 yr. old freezer failed. I lost ALL of my food in this freezer. 3 garbage bags worth of food.

 I am positively heart sick over this. Just the sheer waste if it all. It took me about 2 months (and I can't even think about the money aspect right now) to accumulate our food. I have enough food in the house refrigerator/ freezer for 1 week. We won't starve.  I had noticed some water last week and asked the hubbs who assured me it was from the leak on the back wall of the garage. I didn't question his logic. I wish I had. Yesterday  went to pull food from the freezer to make dinner. I noticed water, then went I opened the chest freezer the interior light was blinking off/ on and everything was soggy with standing water in the bottom. Awesome...I checked it the morning and the "running water" sound is gone, the light isn't blinking and everything is frozen. I have no idea what happened. Unfortunately this didn't have a temperature alarm. Right now we are keeping it closed with the bagged food until garbage day. At which point we will unplug clean it and inspect everything. I am deciding whether I even want to keep this freezer. I may get rid of it for a smaller model which can fit inside my laundry room. Where I can keep an eye on it... IF I decide to keep this freezer, I am going to invest in a temperature alarm. They range in price from $15 up. I  am going to buy an alarm even if I don't keep this freezer and  buy a smaller freezer instead. ugh...


At least the patio garden I made for my daughter is doing well (which she still needs to pick up before we harvest it, ha)
And the the deer and birds managed to leave me a few blackberries.

I hope y'all are having a better time at life this week than me...


  1. Tonya,

    Yes, we all have those days. Oh, you said weeks didn't you? That's a lot of stuff to happen but maybe you got it all out of the way & things will just go uphill from here, right? I agree losing that much frozen food is such a sad thing. My Sister had given us some homemade sausage, pork chops, pork loin & pork roast from their slaughtered pig. We put it in the freezer at the Country House only to come back 2 weeks later to find that I hadn't shut the door to the freeser all the way & the motor burned up not to mention the stench from the rotten food inside. Had to haul it all away & didn't even get to taste my BIL's most tasty homemade sausage.

    1. That is terrible about your freezer! I can only hope it gets better. My freezer is a manual defrost but we think the plug was loose. At least that is the only thing we have found so far. I went to the grocery tonight--talk about sticker shock! I bought a few things to tide us over but unfortunately no good sales. We are going to be eating a lot meatless meals for the next few weeks--which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  2. I , for one, would not trust that freezer again.
    Cripes, they sure make JUNK nowadays, don't they? You used to have a freezer for 30 or 40 years, now it seems a couple of years is standard for all appliances. It's criminal!

    Hope your luck changes for the better soon.

    1. I was just saying the same thing about how long things last...or rather how long they don't! Of course the new appliances are energy efficient because they don't last for a damn! Maybe I need to find an old Beast of freezer and use it. It is so damn frustrating! On and the warranty? Only for year. That should have been my first clue. Siiighhh. It seems to be working but the hubbs is going to hook his gauges to it and check the refrigerant level (he is HVAC certified) he will inspect all the wiring. We suspect the plug was loose.


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