Tuesday, July 14, 2015

No dig zone and thinking outside the box (part 2)

When we last left our heroine she  was facing a crisis of epic proportions...oh wait, wrong story...

Well, maybe it wasn't a crisis of epic proportions but it was definitely an issue--for me. In case y'all don't remember I am talking about that ugly corner of my house with the gas pipes. When I had posted about this previously, I had taken the project to the point of spraying the gas pipes, the meter and phone/cable boxes. It needed a 2nd coat of paint, then it rained, and rained and rained...The more it rained, the more irritated I became. What soothes my irritation (besides chocolate, booze and pasta?) Pinterest and shopping. Never, EVER a good combination!  

I...ummm...may have over spent on this project. But after carefully weighing the instant gratification factor against the "I will be sweating my ass off , being chased by buzzing/ stinging insects, and I really didn't want to paint a kazillion things factors"... I went for instant gratification. I know, I know. I broke my own mantra of a budget. And repurposing things. But it was hot as hell. And I'm tired ...

Please pass me the cheese plate to go with my whine...
Gatehouse Vinyl Privacy Lattice 31 x37
Pea Gravel 0.5 cf
Retaining blocks, 16 inch
Here are some of the in-progress shots because the typhoons rains came...again. This is not how I leaving it but you get the idea of what I am trying to do by concealing this corner. Since I can't stick the spikes in the ground due to a concrete slab  and gas/ water lines, the blocks filled with gravel holds the spikes n place. Let me tell you those blocks are heavy as hell.  It is definitely quite the workout! This is even more of an improvement over painting the pipes but I am not loving the gap in between because you can see the hardware. Nor am I loving the gap under the panels.

View from my porch...ehhh not so much...but I have a fix for this too

What I do like is the utility workers have easy access to the meter. They can view it over the panel or have access to step behind the panels. Worse case scenario this all can be moved with relative ease.

Just a tweak on the hardware which came with the panels. The top hardware is used when attached sided by side (except you use 1 bracket). I connected them using a small bolt and nut. The bottom hardware is used when connecting the panels at a 90° angle. Agian I overlap the hardware using a small nut and bolt. I bent the hardware to conform to the angle I had arranged the panels, drilled through the sides and attached using small bolts with nuts. The hardest part of this was finding bolts that fit the hole of the hardware and nuts to fit the bolts when digging through the hubbs hardware bins.

Well that's where I am for now. If the rains ever stop, I can finish what was supposed to be a weekend project which has now spanned over 2 weeks....


  1. I imagine with all that rain, the skeeters have to be HORRIBLE.

    I have ALWAYS hated summer----which is funny, cuz gardening is my favorite thing. But heat, humidity and bugs do not a happy Sue make!

    The project looks good. I'm struggling with the same thing with my electric meter, etc. You can always tell something designed by a man---it's efficient, but UGLY AS HELL. There HAS to be some better way to bring utilities to a house.
    I'm trying a tall metal trellis in front with a clematis on it. It's not working that great, but.................

    1. Thank you. I am trying to hide all the ugly! Now if only I could do something about all the cables on the house! The bugs have been awful! Post a picture of your trellis :). You can always grow hopps, moonflower, cardinal climber or blackeyed Susan vine for faster growers than clematis.


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