Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Canning like a boss!

Why I am canning like a boss? 

Because the fertility goddess decided to bless my garden. My tomatoes specifically.

This was my Monday harvest.

I realize it may not look like much but the blue pail is over 5 gallons. That is a single layer of peppers on top. The rest are tomatoes. And all tomatoes in the basket as well. And I will have damn near the same amount by today. (I am afraid to go look in the garden)

Time to roll up my sleeves (if I had sleeves to roll up) and do some canning!

Yesterday I went for a triple batch of salsa  which requires 15 lbs of tomatoes! I picked through the tomatoes, washed and scored them. I set up my own little assembly line. I blanched in 5 lb increments.

***BARGAIN BUSTER TIP*** See that mondo can of tomato paste? I use tomato paste in my salsa to thicken without using starches or gums (go ahead read the label on your jar of salsa-I'll wait-pretty gross right?) Anyway a normal 12 oz can of tomato paste is $1.19 for generic store brand. I bought this brand name #10 can (6 lbs) at Gordon Food Services for $3.89. The rest of it was portioned in to freezer bags and frozen for later use. Waaaayyyyy cheaper!

So like I was sayin'--only yummy natural goodness in my salsa. No artificial anything. 15 lbs of tomatoes, 3 lbs of onions, 9 cloves garlic, jalepenos, habeneros, green peppers, red peppers and spices. Gooood stuufff!

I gotta tell you though the peppers got to me yesterday. My eyes were watering like crazy. Good thing I use a food processor. Not sure I could have wielded a knife through the tears. I wore gloves when deseeding and depithing (because I will never make that mistake again! You want information from your enemy? Stick some hot pepper under their fingernails. You will get national security secrets in no time) The peppers were monsters. Apparently I grow 'em good!

I ended up with 21 pints of salsa (actually 22 & 1/2  but the rest went in the fridge). And even after I processed 15 lbs of 'maters and picked out all the bad ones for the compost heap--Can you tell me wagon is well "loved"?

After all that THIS is what I am left with

So I am gonna do more canning today. And tomorrow. And the next day.

I hope everyone likes homemade salsa, spaghetti sauce, taco sauce and sloppy joe sauce--'cause that is what they are getting for Xmas!

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