Sunday, August 5, 2012

We are more redneck than I care to admit

Now I know y'all are asking why I would make a statement like that.

You see my washer broke on me Thursday--which is no surprise because it has been acting up for months. The drain sensor switch thingy wouldn't engage automatically and you would have to go in and push down on the lid of the washer. Ok sometimes you had to slam it real hard. Or maybe it was just me slamming it real hard.

Then it happened. The washer stopped. Filled with dirty  water and load of my hubby's work clothes. Which are always delightful to try and clean. Considering you never know one day from the next if he is digging ditches, painting or crawling around in the trash of an industrial garbage compacter. Um yeah...

So I pioneer roughed it and pull the clothes out (without even wearing gloves), wrung them out and waited for the hubbs to give the washer once over. And the entire time I am daydreaming of my fantasy laundry room. All shiny and new. With fancy schmancy appliances. And not in the same room with the toilet. 

You know-something like this...

Well he said could rig it. Um yes because that is a phrase that makes me comfortable. Especially on equipment that involves lots of water. And electricity. He explained to me what was wrong. All I heard was "blah, blah, sensor, blah, blah, wire, blah, blah, by-pass, self tapping screw, blah, blah, will work just fine, blah, blah. "   

Which actually translated to "Sucka! You don't get that shiny new washer and dryer now" ...Thanks. Thanks a lot.

He did his best to reassure me it would be fine. You won't even be able to tell he says.

REALLY?! Do YOU notice anything?

Although maybe we are not completely redneck because at least there isn't any Duck tape...

And the really crappy part? It REALLY does work just fine...DAMN IT!


  1. I bought the shiny new washer and HATE it---those water savers don't use enough water to get the stink OR the dirt out of them. Hubby hasn't had clean clothes since. You can really see how poorly they clean if you hang laundry versus using a dryer. There are actual LINES OF LINT/DIRT/SAND where it collects on the clothes during the drain cycle.

    So, be careful what you wish for .......

    1. Hmmm I didn't know that. Shoot they look so pretty in the store and in magazines...siiighhh

  2. We had to get a new washer after having a fancy one with dozens of bells and whistles (and it quit working). We opted for simple with just a few normal features and it works great. Next we'll be needing a dryer as the one that "matched" the fancy washer is taking about 2 hours to dry a load, it just doesn't get very hot. Of course, I told 2nd Man that we should put up a clothesline at the farm and then just time it to bring a load of wet clothes out there and hang them up to dry, lol.

    Side note, what about a touch or two of some glossy white paint on that screw head? It might make it less noticeable/rednecky.

    1. Honestly I would be happy with just NEW. This was used when we got it (5-6 yrs ago)? I mean it has held up well considering.

  3. Oh, gee! It is okay, that is to feel like you want something new and better. But it really is great he is so handy. Now tell him to make it look like a new corvette. Put some body putty, on. Sand it. Then re paint it with a pretty new coat of paint! I bet you could do that! I understand how you feel. Really, I do!

    1. I am very grateful he is handy--I just hate when stuff looks "low rent". I am going to touch the screw up with appliance paint. I am sure that will help.


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