Monday, August 6, 2012

I have a kitchen gadget habit

Not just electronic kitchen appliances. Gadgets in every shape, size, color and for every function..

Nutmeg grater? Got it!
Citrus juicer? Got it!

Strawberry huller, meatball-er, can strainer, apple wedge/ corer, egg slicer, cup shredder, mortar & pestle, pasta serving portion-er,  turkey lifters, garlic mincer, it, Got It, GOT IT!!

And I have lots of other gadgets...Mixer, blender, food processor, food dehydrator, coffee grinder, and a griddle.
How many ladles (6), graters (4) and vegetable peelers (3) does one person need?  I found stuff  that I don't remember how they ended up there and some not sure what purpose they serve. I think I found what might be a burger press but I am not sure.

Why am I taking inventory of all my gadgetry? Because when planning my kitchen to make use of all the space you should inventory all of your stuff. And I am sure they mean for you to get rid of some of it.

Good intentions right?

Yet I ended up buying these...

And as I continue my organizing it isn't just gadgets. It is any  kitchen related item. Baking sheets (12) stockpots of varying sizes (4), frying pans (6), muffin pans (5), bread pans (3), pie pans (2), bundt pans (2), etc...

And I haven't even gone through my cast iron cookware. Or my dishes. Or my glasses. I can't believe I have so much stuff! When did I stop seeing it? Why am I holding on to it? I dunno. All I do know is I really like cooking. It makes me feel happy and creative. But I am pretty sure I don't need ALL of this stuff. Except the stuff I just bought because I am using it for food preservation, haha.

So the next time I am lamenting the lack of space/ storage in my kitchen you have my permission to tell me shut up!  In the nicest way possible of course.


  1. You remind me of my sister in law. She is a gardener who loves kitchen gadgets. Maybe there is something in the gene pool!?

  2. Hey, Alton Brown says he never leaves home without fresh nutmeg and a mini grater. He is a delicious man. :P


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