Monday, August 6, 2012

Carving out a little creative space

Living in an old house is full of challenges. Making modern sized things fit into not modern spaces is no fun! There are all sorts of weird little nooks and crannies. (Dang it! now I am hungry for an English muffin).

Case in point--I would love to have a craft room. But seeing as how we only have a 2 bedroom house, I am not left with many options. Space is at a premium. I guess my girly spare bedroom sorta becomes the craft space by default. And if you click back on that link you will see there is a list of things to do in there. Which I haven't done one stinkin' thing!  Ok--not true. I have done a few things on the list. I just haven't finished them. Don't judge me...

The room needs to function as a bedroom,craft room and study/office. That's a whole lotta function for a little room. The office closet nook I had downstairs was bumped for storage practicality.  Additionally  I am going back to college in a few short weeks and needed a better suited study environment than the living room or dining room.

Well I had a little awkward space behind the door of the bedroom. Originally it was stacked up with totes and what not. Not very pleasant to look at from my guest's perspective and definitely not conducive to creativity.

The area is not big enough to work on crafts but enough space to be creative and inspiring! A nice little nook to stash the my gift wrap and pick out a  special occasion card. Not to shabby for some found space and using stuff I already had lying around. The "table top" is actually 2 shelves from an old pantry cabinet. I used L brackets to connect them. They were a perfect match in to height to the scrap-booking/ craft organizer cabinets. (Which I bought for 50% of Michael's last year). The opening isn't wide enough for a chair but I can stash my tools and craft box there.

Now when you are in the room it definitely feels more serene.

Unless you look in the closet (which I don't recommend) because it is a hot mess.  
Don't say you weren't warned...

Don't judge me! haha
I know- I know--it is bad! However, this is on my list of to do next. No seriously! This is where the office/ desk area / craft supplies storage is going to be situated. That way when I am finished studying, paying bills, crafting, blogging or facebooking I can close the curtains. If I am in the middle of stuff and  someone is staying overnight (which in reality happens maybe 1 or 2x per year) I can just pull the curtains--outta sight outta mind!  So stay tuned!


  1. Love how you organized that space!
    If I had guests only 1 or 2 times a year, I'd stick them in a hotel and use that bedroom as a full time craft room. We only have a one bedroom house. I would LOVE to have more room to spread out........

  2. Yes, I love the table area, and having space for these things is hard at my house, too. That closet looks a tad familiar to me, I have one pretty similar looking! Atleast you are actually working on your list!!!

  3. Isn't it amazing what organization and shopping the house can do? Especially for your spirits!

  4. I love that little nook of yours! I am also looking into craft room ideas because the boyfriend is willing to transform the man space/tool room into a craft room for me! My best friend in this venture is the library for inspiration and ideas. Gotta love libraries!


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