Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Color and Pattern Trends

The Pantone Color Trends 

I have to say I am a little disappointed. The 2012-2014 color trends have a  few hue/ shade variations but nothing new or exciting. I guess this okay since our accessories, fashion and home decor will be safe for a few more seasons.

Here was the color trend for 2012

Here is the color trend for 2013

Here is the expected forecast for 2014

2012 was a crazy year of big bold graphics (color blocking), florals and sprinkle in a little tribal print for added kick. I have to say there wasn't very much that I was in love with in either pattern or color.  But then again I am not exactly on the cutting edge of fashion nor am I particularly stylish. I am lucky most days to have matching barrettes, pants that aren't wrinkled and shoes not chewed by one  (or all three) of my dogs. And most days in my house there is dog fur (aka tumble furs), nose prints and a dog (or three) lounging on my furniture (or tables).

Color Blocking

Spring 2012 Trend: Cheerful Color-Blocking




2013 is going to be an eclectic year of  stylized florals,  variations of abstract camouflage  deconstructed patterns, mixed prints and optical geometric's. Hmmm, that should make for interesting home decor...

2014 is futuristic. Great for modern and contemporary design/ decor
Trend Prediction   Spring/Summer 2014   Futuristic Nature trend forecasts

You can read more HERE about the upcoming trends.

Are you a trend setter, fashionista or design maven? Do you update your home and wardrobe with the latest must have items?

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  1. Interesting. I usually just pick a color and not pay attention to what ever one else is painting or wearing. Served me well doing it that way. I do have to say though. In the process of making curtains for my living and dining room. I used a blue/green sheet. It was cheap and large enough to fit the windows.Then used a rust sheer scarf instead of valances. Now,stuck color coordinating that curtain idea with new paint for the walls. Oh well!


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