Sunday, November 25, 2012

O Christmas Tree--where art thou?

It seems the hubbs has a case of  forgetting stuff!

As in he has "misplaced" my Christmas topiary trees (One which is shown in the picture below). The ones I bought last year. The ones I carefully boxed and wrapped in plastic to protect from vermin. The ones I said please put this away for me.

Well he did and now he doesn't know where. It isn't like I have a big house or infinite storage How can he not find it? I am beginning to wonder if he accidentally threw them away.

Ok, deep breath. No problem, I have several trees I will find one that works. How hard can it be?
The 3 foot tree is missing the stand, this was put back in the tote until I can find a replacement stand or make one.
My 6 foot tree fell apart when I pulled it out if the storage tote.We had it about 14 years and it survived 4 dogs, 4 cats and 3 moves. In the trash bin it went.
The 7 foot tree had a family of mice--so it was also tossed in the trash.

3 trees and I don't have a single usable one!?

Off to Home Depot I went for a cheap-o tree.

5 ft. pre-lit and for $36 (on sale!). Good enough. I have to tell you at this point I was no longer in a festive mood. I was in a mood that involved words with the letter F....

Then I took a moment to center myself and realized it isn't about the stuff. It isn't the lights, decorations or even brightly wrapped presents that make Christmas. It is the feeling of joy and enjoying a few blissful moments with those you love. Christmas is in your heart.

I soon found myself smiling despite my crankiness. And I must admit this is the easiest tree I have ever assembled. Slide the little feet onto the stand, fold down  the lower branches, add the top piece, and fluff all the branches. No more guessing if the missing color coded tips are in the right section and no fighting with the lights.
So I won't have a tree in every room this year. It is ok!
Sometimes the simple things are the best!


  1. I didn't get my 3' tree put up at the Country House this weekend & we decided not put up the lights on the house this year.

    I did however, put a lighted wreath on the front door of the City House tonight so I'm not labelled as a scrooge in the neighborhood.

    1. We seldom do lights. I like them for about a week or so then I grow weary of them, haha

  2. Sorry about all your Christmas trees. That's just crazy. Your new tree looks beautiful and Festive with a captiol F. :)

    1. Haha, Funny!! It looks better in person than in the picture. The hubbs was "helping" me decorate, but after looking at it I think I need to fix a few spots on the tree. Oh well he tried, lol


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