Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My redneck car pet barrier

Remember back in October when 2 of my dogs were involved in a very bad (EXPENSIVE) fight?

And remember when I talked about how we were handling the two warring dogs?

So far things have been peaceful. And by peaceful I mean there is an uneasy truce because of the physical barriers we are using to separate the dogs.

Well today I had a dilemma. I had 2 appointments within 30 minutes of each other for both dogs. With no time to take one, come back home and retrieve the other dog, I had to figure out how to transport both safely and with no fighting or bloodshed. The last thing I needed was the dogs to begin fighting, then I careen my car off the side of the road.

I don't have any extra cages nor would my little car hold them. So I had to get creative. 

I used an expandable baby/ pet gate and 2 bungee cords to reinforce the mesh pet barrier installed in my car. While it is not the most attractive (or stylish), it worked great! Not bad for 5 minutes worth of finagling. 

The dogs were calm with the big dog (Chubbs) in back and the smaller dog (Tovah) up front. I think they were happy just to go for a ride--until we reached our destination anyway.

Admittedly it is funny and I sure did get strange looks from people, I just grinned, waved and shrugged it off as they made faces then sped on by. Maybe for fun next time, I can duct tape or bungee strap a baby-doll in the back seat. haha

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