Friday, January 11, 2013

World's biggest spatula and a tortilla press

I was perusing the Lakeside Collection catalog and admist all of the tack-tastic items something caught my eye. And by caught my eye, I think my exact words were %@*^ that is a big @$$ spatula! Maybe the world's biggest! OMG- I HAVE to buy it!

Jumbo Stainless Steel Spatula

Ok maybe not the world's biggest but it is pretty flippin' huge!You see what I did there? Flippin'? Spatula? Anyone? haha

And you know what? It is AWESOME for transferring the pizza from the oven rack. And it is great for smashing the masa dough balls when making tortilla's.

Then I decided that was monotonous and what I REALLY wanted was a tortilla press. Because y'all know I have an unhealthy obsession with kitchen gadgetry!

Now I'm hungry for some burritos or quesadilla's. Who am I kidding ? I can eat both and maybe  a side of tortilla chips n salsa ...mmmmmmm


  1. You are hilarious and just like my sister in law who loves kitchen gadgetry...

  2. I love gadgets too and this looks like a great find!! Love it!


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