Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Time to split

some wood that is...

My super secret surprise for the hubbs FINALLY arrived yesterday!  Fed Ex was kind enough to deposit in my carport instead of on my porch and I was very grateful because this mother is heavy!! It took some finagling and a dolly but I was able to wheel into the hubb's man-land  so it would be the first thing he would see when opening the door.

The hubbs isn't getting any younger and after several  (minor) back injuries I hated to see him splitting wood with a maul, wedge and an axe. I mean don't get me wrong there is something ever so he-manly about watching my hubby chop and split wood that makes me feel like I have a school girl crush. What is not he-manly is when he throws his back out, lies around whining about it and I have to listen to it! 

I would have LOVED to get the big testosterone inducing log splitters--you know the beat your chest and grunt, 32 ton, gonna  split a forest of trees log splitter's- yeah soooo can't afford one of those beasts (>$1000). So for now we will make do with this. The hubbs likes it, I like it was cheap (<$100) and  it is something even I can manage to use. Although it takes some effort on my part.

It took overnight before it dawned on the hubbs that this is beyond a "toy" and obviously it meant work for him. So he asked me this morning, "I guess you had some work in mind for regarding the log splitter?" Why dear, I am SO glad you asked. Why yes, yes I do. It just so happens we have quite a bit of trees to clear out from the creek line. And by we--I mean him.

So come Spring there will be a steady buzzing from the chainsaw as he cuts away the dead, diseased and scrub trees. This will be beneficial two-fold. 1) it will preserve the health of the existing trees 2) It will put $$$ back in my wallet. By cutting, splitting and seasoning our firewood--we aren't paying anyone else to do it.

Unlike many of my bloggy friends, we don't actually have a farm, aren't anywhere near off grid but we do hold those high on our dream list. This is another small step for us to be a little more self sufficient. Baby steps...

We have quickly learned, while convenient, storage of firewood in the carport is a bit awkward when you have to wedge 2 cars in there as well.

We will also need to cobble together a firewood shed this Spring. I kinda like the ideal of building one from pallets. Simple, effective and it uses recycled materials--even better!



  1. That is a cute post. Log splitting is hard work! A great fire wood shed would really be nice, and pallets are pretty easy to get. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and prayers. It is just so nice of you and really means a lot to me. Thank You so Much!
    Bless you,

    1. Thanks Susie. I love gettimg free pallet (aslong as there aren't any creepy crawlies attached)

  2. I am very interested in hearing how he likes this log-splitter. I am 5 feet tall and weigh about 120 and I am certainly not as young as I used to be. Please ask the Mister whether he thinks I could make this work and any tips and/or words of wisdom he may have. I am seriously thinking about getting one of these, but will wait until I hear how he likes it and what he thinks first. Thanks!

  3. Hi Old Mama--Thanks for stopping by. Well the hubbs is over 6ft and close to 200 lbs so he makes easy work of it. I am about 5 ft 2" and I weigh more than 120 (wink wink). I did try it out with the hubbs breathing down my neck and it took some effort. I think I need to work with it before I can decide if passes muster. I will let you know how it goes!

  4. yeah on the idea of pallet firewood shed. I am working on some pallet planters. It is fun and keeps pallets out of the land fill. Happy log splitting.


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