Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time for some inspiration

I am still trying to chase my blues away so I decided I needed some retail therapy. Except I am broke and I can't afford to use any of the credit cards, since that would defeat the purpose of paying down my debt. So I did the next best thing, I decided on a little "window" shopping. Seeing as it was a dark and stormy night no way was I actually going to stand outside in front of a window and get hit by a car or in my case lightening, haha. So I high-tailed it to Meijer because they always seem to have funky new things. 

I have loving these clocks! The color, the patina, the vintage/ retro style --ok not the prices--but that is the beauty of inspirational shopping--you can look and keep your money!

This very cool industrial stool, not sure how I feel about the route 66 graphic but I love the overall look.

And of course I spotted these funky wood and metal birds

I didn't buy anything other than a few groceries. But this excursion made me feel pretty good which turned out to be a GREAT thing. Now I have a little inspiration and need to scout some items from Goodwill, curbside  or any other cheap places I can think of and do a little make over make under.


  1. Love the clocks and that great industrial style stool!
    Mary Alice

  2. I love the photos. I myself photo shop for what I'm looking for, and then find things used to make or duplicate it. It is my favorite thing-to make things-it is good for the soul. Making and creating enlightens the spirit.


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