Thursday, February 14, 2013

True Love

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today also happens to be mine and the hubbs 21st wedding anniversary.

We have never followed the traditional gift giving guidelines, although there are traditional and modern guidelines. For more information follow this LINK. Besides the 21st anniversary doesn't have any suggestions--I guess they figure you are to broke from buying all the china, haha

I have a little bit of a confession. I had a full blown rant yesterday because the hubbs told me he was going to buy me flowers. Not because he told me he was buying me flowers, because I felt like he doesn't know what is important to me.

It kinda went something like this as I took to social media to vent my frustration...

OK--not to be ungrateful but I am about to have full blown rant. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. It also happens to be our 21st wedding anniversary. During casual conversation he happen to mention he will be getting me roses. 
1) Do I like roses? Yes but I like rose PLANTS--NOT cut flowers unless I am clipping them from MY garden. Otherwise they are ridiculously overpriced 
2) We have been together almost 24 years-how in the hell does he still have NO CLUE as to what I like/ dislike
3) I don't mind him telling me what he is getting me because I abhor (bad) surprises. What bothers me is he is waiting until the LAST possible minute to get some routine, random gift. With no forethought or planning. It isn't like he has had an ENTIRE year to think of something!!

You know what would be the PERFECT anniversary gift? Spend time with me. We can watch a movie and cook dinner together. You want to get me gift? Great. How about a new planter box, seeds of the month club, or garden wagon. Or better yet how about a donation to my favorite charity? For one these items are practical and two it indicates to me you listen to me and KNOW what I am interested in. Do not just slap down money on something which will wither and die with a few days. Do not buy me jewelery because I am not a shiny kind of girl. And btw I am NOT dissing those of you who like that stuff I am speaking for ME. Seriously how in the hell can he not know after almost 24 yrs what speaks to me, what matters and what I hold dear???!!!! GGGRRRRRR

Rather bratty of me, don't ya think? siiiggghhh

Once I calmed down and had the night to figure out my apologies think about it, I realized a couple of things.
1st- it is not about the gifts or presents. Everyday we have together is a gift. And I am thankful that!
2nd-The hubbs is exactly who I am supposed to be with. He is mellow and laid back. The perfect foil to my short temper. 
3rd-He does know what matters to me and shows me in a lot of different ways the other 364 days of the year.

Like when I fall asleep reading, he gently takes the glasses from my face, retrieves the book/ magazine that has fallen from hands (usually to land on the floor) and turns the lamp off.

Like when I am taking a nap he makes sure I am covered with a blanket, tells the dogs to hush and not wake mommy.

Like when he brings me home surprise gift from dumpster diving or curbside rescue.

Like how he lugs the heavy baskets of laundry up and down the stairs for me--even when I know he is tired and hurting from a hard day's work.

Like how he doesn't mind constantly retrieving things from the closets and kitchen cabinets that I am to short to reach--even while standing on the step ladder.

Like how every night when I make dinner whether it is a sandwich or a meal, he always says "Thanks babe--you're the bestest!"

Like every morning before he leaves for work, he kisses me on cheek, tucks me and whispers he loves me (while he thinks I am asleep).

Like how even when I am being completely irrational, temperamental and bratty, he stays calm, hugs me, tells me he loves me. Sometimes he even tweaks my chin and tells me I'm cute when I am mad, haha

Like how I will catch him watching me with his beautiful blue eyes and reflected in them is me as the girl he met and fell in love with nearly 24 years ago. 

Like when he hugs me I feel safe and know there is no other for me.

I could go on and on, because there truly are thousand little things that he does everyday, without fanfare, wrapping paper or need of a special occasion.

We may fuss and fight (and by we I mean me), we may not always take the same approach when dealing with life's problems-big or small- but we always come together to meet the challenges as a team. We have had many challenges and obstacles, but we have had many more laughs, many memories and always love. 

So Happy 21st Anniversary Mr. Cozy Little Farmhouse


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. Happy Anniversary---what a beautiful tribute to the small things...

    1. Thanks Sarah! Every now and then I need a swift kick to the rear or slap to the back of the head to change my perspective.

  3. Belated Happy Anniversary!! I think what you wrote to Mr. Hubbs is the greatest gift of all. Nicely done. :-)


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