Thursday, February 21, 2013

Doggone destruction

How can a little furry fellow as cute as this be so destructive?

Oh sure he looks innocent  and unassuming. HA!

He ate:

 my  credit card

my office chair

my curtains

not to mention- the corner of my stairs, my cell phone charger, 2 tote bags, my clothepins bag -with all but 6 clothespins, 1 wicker basket, 2 small grapevine wreaths, 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of slippers, several towels, 1 fleece blanket, 2 throw rugs AND my awesome tweed blazer I found thrifting for $2.50 (spent $5 to dry clean) which I was only able to wear one time....SIIIIGGGGHHHH

I swear he is part billy goat!

I now have new curtains. Purchased from Target on clearance for $8 per panel (4 panels) which is a great price for 95 inch curtains. I used my Target card, saved 5% and used my remaining Target gift cards. I ended up paying $16.40 before taxes.
Threshold™ Farrah Window Panel

I am not going to buy a new office chair. I am using my old folding wood chair with a $12 cushion (from Target).

My office chair, which Frazzle destroyed is going to be re-upholstered. I have leftover foam from another project and plenty of fabric, so stay tuned for that reveal. Which I need to do soon because this chair is killing my back! After an hour of sitting in this I feel like my back was the stage used for River Dance!


  1. Oh my gosh! He's a cutie though.

  2. Replies
    1. I know right?! And isn't like I really leaver things lying about. Anything that has my scent and he finds away to get it. URGH!

  3. Oh he is so cute - but PLEASE chew your own stuff!!! LOL - hang in there - he wuvs you. :-)


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