Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Ugly Bathroom

I think the previous owner must have been on drugs when they remuddled renovated this house. 

My downstairs bathroom is a full bathroom and laundry room. All in the same space. Classy right?

The walls are a sickly peachy yellow plastic coated fiberboard paneling with blue flowers. The ceiling is covered in acoustical tiles which are stained and always have mildew no matter how many times the hubbs wipes them down with bleach. The floor was once white hexagon tile  print vinyl flooring but is dull, dingy and decrepit. The vanity is a medium oak veneer and the veneer has cracked off on the side closest to the bathtub. The medicine cabinet is a faded golden oak, the mirror is etched, the light is non functional and in order to fit the mirror the previous owner notched the window molding. Did I mention there is only a mere 12 inches of clearance between the toilet and the sink? And only 15 inches between the toilet and the tub! Are you jealous yet?

I used to have a full size (side by side) washer and dryer (mismatched) combo. You couldn't open the door more than halfway because it would hit the washer.And above it were some very grungy coated wire shelves.

I have a compact stackable now  that has since been moved back and to the right. You can open the door two thirds of way--we are making big strides here, haha

There is approximately 12 inches between the washer/dryer and the side wall. There is an additional 8 inches behind the washer/dryer and the wall. We need a longer cord in order to move it over to the right and need to move the vent. The unit gas a "V" in the back of it where the vent can rest and then the unit is almost zero clearance to the wall.

I tried to slap some lipstick on my pig of a bathroom by installing a new shower rod, shower curtain and towel rack. It really did nothing more than highlight the sad and decrepit look of the bathroom.

I found this adorable bird baker's rack at TJ Maxx for $49. It was more than I would have liked to spent, so it was a bit of an impulse buy but I couldn't resist. And I can always re-purpose it elsewhere later on. As you can see, I use the commode for the laundry basket since there is no room in here...well, for anything.
This is the view from the other side of the room. Once the washer/ dryer can be tucked back the door will open more.

I need storage. I need function. I need to not hit my damn knees or hips on the vanity every time I shimmy through to use the shower or give the dogs a bath!
So there you have it--my very ugly and dysfunctional bathroom/ laundry room!

I am working on few different layouts by trying to answer my questions...

Do we keep it as a full bathroom, 3/4 bathroom or change into a powder room?
What is more important- a 2nd full bath or a large laundry room?
How feasible is it to separate the laundry/ bathroom?
Can I move the laundry anywhere else?
How much money do I need to allocate that results in an optimum layout and on budget project?
Why can't I win the lottery?

Materials already on hand for 2nd bathroom remodel
  • I have ceramic floor tile (extra from the upstairs bath remodel) and is more than enough to redo this floor. Although I still like the ideal of linoleum.
  • I have a brand new vanity (still in the box)  that was originally slated for the upstairs bath but wouldn't fit...and it is a beautiful cabinet!
  • I have white porcelain under mount sink slated for the other bathroom but we didn't use because it went with the vanity that didn't fit.
  • I also have towel rods, tp holder and a light fixture that I had purchased on clearance. They are a "shabby chic" finish but I can always paint them the oil rubbed bronze (ORB) to match what I have. 
  • I have a mirror (clearance find). It is a chrome finish but I can de-laquer the frame and paint (ORB) to match everything else.
  • The toilet is only 2 years old, so we can keep it.
What do I need
  • A decision for the floor plan!
  • Possibly the services of a plumber to moving plumbing (depending on floor plan)
  • If we keep it as a full bath,we will need a new tub or shower
  • Wall tile
  • drywall
  • insulation
  • plywood for sub floor
  • 2x4's for framing (again depends on floor plan)
  • faucets
  • A counter top
  • A door or 2 (depends on layout)
  • Crown molding
  • baseboards
  • primer and paint
You know...this isn't so bad...Maybe we can finish the for a reasonable cost AND within a reasonable time frame...hmmm

I am trying to use an online bathroom planning tool to determine the layout, so next post should include those visuals. Whatever plan I choose will have a direct impact on the kitchen remodel. I know I had talked previously that the hubbs said we could move forward with this; however, I am glad I didn't pull the trigger. It turns out we had some very expensive and unexpected contingencies. Had we used the savings for the remodel, it would have been disastrous. So in the interim I will do what I have always felt comfortable with...and that is buying a few things each month to save until we have enough material to begin the project. It makes me (and my bank account) much happier.


  1. First off, given the space that I see in the picture, you may want to move your laundry appliances to a separate room to accommodate the renovations you want to implement. Although, that in itself could pose as a problem. As for the bathing situation, what would you rather have? A tub with a shower hose? A frameless glass shower? Or maybe both? Each has its own merits; it really depends on your preference. I would prefer the glass showers, but if you’re planning on bathing your dogs in that bathroom, a tub might be more ideal.

    With the laundry stuff out of the way, you may have room for your powder room, or move the toilet away from the shower/tub; maybe all the way to the other side. :P

    Feel free to modify the idea, as this is just what I think would look great if it was my bathroom. I hope it can help you with your planning. Good luck! :)

    Chet Johnston

    1. I would love to have a separate laundry area. We are just not sure where we can move it. Still tinkering with floor plans...

  2. If you don't actually use the bathtub as your only place to bathe, maybe you could install a large basin instead of the bathroom sink and bathtub. One that could ne used to double as a bathing area for your dog and also a was basin for laundry, etc. This could give you lot's mor room and functionality, maybe?


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