Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I woke early today because the puppy decided it was to nice a day to sleep in at 6:30 this morning. In some regards, I suppose he was correct. The air is cool and crisp.  Everything smells of rain and earth. The landscape  is greening up and there are little pockets of sprouts popping up with my various bulbs poking through the soil.

I decided to have a cup of tea, sit on the porch  and enjoy the sights and sounds of this Easter morning. The dogs were happy to sniff about-and in Frazzle's case-dig what is probably his 100th hole in my yard. And as a side note-where exactly does all the dirt from the holes go because when push the soil back they never quite fill back up? My cat Sam-Sam was busy running through the yards and bushes, mainly to annoy the dogs, I think. 

I watch the antics of squirrels as they performed like furry little acrobats to pinch some goodies from the bird feeders. And if I had been awake enough to to think I would have grabbed my camera to take what would have been some great pictures...oh well. I was serenaded with a wonderful harmony as all the various birds chirped and tweeted. It is so relaxing and my mind freely wanders, often recalling memories of my youth and especially those of my daughter as a small child.

I can recall all the sights and sounds, as the memories of Easter's past play like a movie in my mind.  Our house is empty as our daughter is grown and married. There will be no brightly colored baskets filled with toys and candy. No high pitched squeals as she discovered the Easter bunny has brought her gifts. No blue eyed little girl dressed in her frilly Easter dress, tights and patent leather shoes. No little face and hands covered in chocolate. Thinking back to those days, I didn't appreciate the joy and wonder they brought. I was to busy cooking or trying to keep her dress clean. We were always in a hurry to go to church or the in laws for dinner. We didn't take the time to savor the moment.

 I am, perhaps, a touch sad for not appreciating what once was,  I am happy because I did have the experience of a child's wonderment. The child-like joy has been replaced with companionship as my daughter and our son in law will join us for dinner today. We are fortunate to actually be friends with our daughter and son in law. I prefer to think of it as trading up. While it was wonderful to experience the time of my daughter's childhood, it immensely more joyful to see her blossom as an adult. 

So while I might be nostalgic for the past I am grateful for the present and eager for the future. And all the memories it will create.

Happy Easter everyone!

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