Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bathroom Remodel-Floor Plan Options

Well I think I have all the floor plan options mapped out for the upcoming de-uglify bathroom and laundry room remodel.

Here is the original layout when we first moved in until 2 months ago when we downsized from a pair of mis-matched full size washer and dryer to a compact, stackable washer/ dryer combo unit.
Here it is slightly modified with the stackable washer/ dryer
Now for the fun stuff!

This option would require minimal modifications and no division of the bath and laundry. The foot print is reduced by installing a curved  shower and the plumbing for the sink is rotated 90° from the original location
Option 1
BIG Changes with these 2 options! We keep the full size tub and sink for options 2 and 3. The laundry hook up remains in the same location for both options.  Here is where the money comes in because the toilet is moved to the opposite side for both options. The floor plan makes more sense and there is a direct path and open line of sight. Although the room will still be compact to house a full bath.
Option 2
Option 3 has the bathroom separate from the laundry with the installation of a full dividing wall and separate entrance (maybe we can install a pocket door). Additional electrical when need to be ran to have separate lights for both rooms. The door is removed for the laundry (FYI-this is a kitchen adjacent room-the kitchen would be on the side where the option is written)
Option 3
BIG BIG changes with these 2 options! Option 4 is a small powder room and a large laundry room.  The plumbing is moved for the powder room sink and toilet. A full dividing wall and door is installed.  The laundry room would require plumbing moved for the installation of a utility sink. The entrance to the laundry room could be open to the kitchen or maybe we can install a pocket door.
Option 4
In option 5 a full dividing wall and door is installed (maybe a pocket door). Additional electrical when need to be ran to have separate lights for both rooms. This option requires all of the plumbing to be moved but we retain the function of a 3/4 bath. The bathroom has more of an open feel. The bathroom is larger, resulting in a compact laundry area.  The laundry access would be open to the kitchen.
Option 5
KA-CHING!! Option 6 is by far the most aggressive and the most expensive. Everything is moved. The laundry and bathroom swap locations. All electrical and plumbing will need to move. 2 dividing walls are installed and a new entry from the kitchen aligns with the window. On the left is a compact laundry room (complete with a pocket door) and on the right is a powder room (most likely that too would have a pocket door). The small corridor would have a shallow cabinet under the window for additional storage. Or maybe the dogs pet bed can live here.
Option 6
I didn't show any options to completely move the laundry room because there is no place to move it to barring the unheated detached garage or building on to the house. The cellar is to dark, creepy  un-ventilated and unsafe to use.

Whatcha' think? How do you vote?

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  1. This is awesome! I've been trying to do some bathroom renovation , and this gave me some great insight for things to try. Thanks for sharing!


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