Friday, July 6, 2012

Garden Math

You would think as a former Chemist I would know a thing or two about math. Which for some forms of math I do. I am pretty handy in the kitchen with conversions. Cooking is Chemistry simplified.Unless it is fancy cooking. I am REALLY good with sales and coupons. Percentages and subtraction no problem. And I am really good with Geometry, especially after thrifting and trying to figure out how to pack my car with all my stuff!  However, I feel the educational system has failed to adequately teach Garden Math.

What is Garden Math?  Well it's kinda  complicated . 
It involves the basic math principles like-
Addition (because there is always room for 1 more plant), Subtraction (for those you don't want/ like or doesn't perform well), Multiplication (Mint!!  'nuff said), and Division (the countless hours dividing bulbs and plants).

But then there are the higher level math principles
Apparently the mathematic principles I need to be schooled in are exponents,  probability theory and inverse statistics. I don't think that is a real math but it should be!.

I should  know the probability of  getting a bumper crop of Zucchini is a constant factor.I should know that the probability of being over run with weeds and bugs increases exponentially as the temperature increases.  And statistically speaking any crop I expect will be a low yield  will be inversely proportional to the pain in the arse it causes me.  


  1. LOL!

    Oh dear. A chemist?
    I'm embarassed to say I failed Chemistry!-- Even with that poor instructor spending countless hours of tutoring.

    1. lol yes--a Chemist for 20 yrs. That's ok because to be honest I never really liked math, haha. I actually flunked home ec in 6th grade and now I do all sorts of home ec related things.

  2. Garden Math! That's a good thing to think about, but I am not good at garden math either! LOL

    1. I suppose I should also include the financial math--How much I spent versus how much I actually netted from my garden. Noooo I am kinda afraid of that math, haha


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