Monday, July 16, 2012

My frugal weekend shopping spree

Can a shopping spree be frugal? I spent some time with my thrifty friend (who also happens to be the mad genius behind The Money Badger Blog--you should check it out !!) Mrs. $ Badger talks the talk and walks the walk on  budgeting, frugal shopping and a prepared pantry. She also has mad craft skills! We went to the Farmers Market in Hamilton

Where I  bought some beautiful and delicious blackberries. Unfortunately this all that is left because I could NOT stop eating them, haha And it is a really good thing this picture took because I ate them while I was typing this.

Up next on our frugaltastic shopping spree was Main Street Market (formerly Marsh's grocery) for the Berry Fest sale. 3 lb package of strawberries for $3.98--that is a  small batch of jam! They also had boneless/ skinless chicken breasts for $1.97/ lb. and bone-in chicken breast for a $1.19/ lb. Let me tell you the suckers were huge! I got a package of each (they both weighed in at 6.5 lbs). Since it is just me and the hubbs, I portioned the chicken into 2 piece packages. I was able to get  a total 6 portion packages. That is equivalent to $3.42 per pkg on average. Gotta love that savings!

We rounded out our trip at Rural King. ALl I can say Rural King is like a Tractor Supply--but on steroids. They had Ball canning (pint) jars on sale for $6.99 per case (which is the cheapest I have seen around here). And I had a coupon for $3 off the purchase of 2 cases. So I was able to purchase the jars (which includes rings and lids) for $5.49 each before taxes---that is a helluva deal. I dare say Mrs. Badger would say it is..."Badgeriffic"   Maybe not...haha

However my best purchase while at Rural King was this...

The original price was $74.95. It was clearanced at $44.95
Holla! I now get to make homemade jerky and fruit leathers. I am such a foodie nerd!


  1. Wow! I wish I had my own frugal shopping partner to keep me on track. Yeah for you!

  2. I would absolutely say it was *Badgeriffic* !

    Thanks for all the fun shopping on Saturday - teaming up together did seem to help to kept each other in check and on target for our shopping goals.

    Shall we team up and tackle the dark underworld of thrift stores and the nefarious business of yard sales? ....... I THINK SO!

    You are too much fun, Tonya!
    --- Tricia, AKA The Money Badger


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