Friday, July 13, 2012

Planning a remodel is never easy

Remember how I talked about my kitchen remodel  HERE? Go ahead you can click on back to read it.  I will wait.

Um, so yeah,  about that...I am scared. As in petrified. I have talked to planner. I have 3 options. I haven't finalized it yet.  FYI --these are NOT my 3 plans--although a couple are similar.  What I didn't mention is, this isn't just a kitchen remodel. It is a kitchen/ bathroom/ laundry room remodel. BIG BUCKS!  This will encompass 1/3 of my first floor.

WHY won't I commit to this? I hate, Hate, HATE my kitchen. I think the issue is-- I love, Love, LOVE my savings account more. I am sooo afraid to spend the money. I know it is a worthwhile investment. I know I will be happier. ECSTATIC to have it underway.. I also know it is A LOT of money. Ok--it is A LOT of  money for US. I'm (still) not working after being downsized in January. I am going back to school in August. My mind is filled with all these what if scenario's. Part of me wants to blow the whole wad of cash and get 'er done RIGHT NOW!  The logical (fraidy cat) part of me says NO! 
Obviously the hubbs doesn't want to do it because it means more work for him. But my kitchen is in dire straits. The cabinets (the 2 or 3 that I have) really aren't going to last much longer.

I THINK  I might have a way to appease my  get 'er done and  fraidy cat personalities. I need to approach this as any other project.  Instead of jumping in, I am going to start assembling my materials and not begin the job until I have everything. It is going to slow my project considerably but I hope to avoid depleting the savings account. I will take a extra money every payday, from the hubbs OT and bonus money to purchase the materials. ( I will need to dip into savings to purchase the cabinets).  Maybe I will be able to score some awesome deals as an incentive for "the slower than molasses going uphill on a winter day" time frame.

I think I can divide the renovation into several  manageable phases.

Phase 1
2.  Price all components
3. Allocate monthly expenditure
4. Begin the hunt for bargains
5.  Assemble renovation materials
6. Pack up all non essential appliances, dishes and decorative items.
7. Pack up all food items from pantry into labelled totes 

Phase 2
The 1st floor bathroom/ laundry room will be demolished prior to the kitchen in order to implement the kitchen renovation plan. Yikes!

Phase 2A
1. Gut the bathroom/ laundry room.
2. Assess and repair major issues.
3. Move  and cap plumbing 
4. Install electrical switches/ plugs
5. Install exhaust vent
6. Framing
7. Insulate 
8. Drywall/ mud/ tape/ prime/ paint
9. Install utility sink in the now empty bathroom/laundry room.

Phase 2B
1. Set up temporary kitchen  (use the room from phase 2A  to house temp kitchen)--ONLY essentials 
Small appliances on plywood/ sawhorses (griddle, microwave, electric skillet, crock pot and toaster oven) 
2. We can also use our grill (which has a burner-yay!)
3. Use disposable plates and cutlery to minimize dish usage.
4. The utility sink will be my "interim dishwasher"

Phase 3
1. Gut the kitchen
2. Assess and repair  any major issues
3. Move plumbing
4. Install the gas line.
5. Install/ move electrical switches/ plugs
6. Install vent for stove exhaust hood
7. Remove window and relocate door
8. Frame, insulate and seal old door opening
9. Level floor
10. Install  new sub-floor
10. Insulate both exterior walls
12. Drywall/ mud/ tape/ prime/ paint
13. If budget allows--install floor radiant heating
14. Installs flooring
15. Install cabinets
16. Install counter tops
17. Install back splash tile/ grout/ seal
18. Install trim work
19.  Lighting
20. Cabinet hardware
21. Place appliances
22. Move all my stuff in/ decorate
23. Enjoy!

Phase 4
Complete the bathroom and laundry rooms
1. Flooring
2. Trim work
3. Fixtures

I realize there will be multiple steps occurring simultaneously and not every step/ detail is listed. The estimated cost for the remodel is staggering. I have read researched the crap out of this (because I am neurotic, haha) and the average cost of an expected  kitchen remodel is 10-25% of your home's value.  Ummm, no can do. Maybe the 10% but that is pushing it.  In the words of Pink Floyd "Keep your hands of my stack"

I mean I don't know about y'all but we worked hard for that money 
(haha the Donna Summer song just played in my head) 
and the thought of spending it makes me down right queasy.

What do you think? Am I  over-reacting? What would you do in my  given circumstances? Would you be hesitant? Would you go for it? What money savings/ bargain remodel ideals have you had/ used?


  1. I am both excited for you and damn glad it's you and not me!
    I went thru a whole house reno five years ago. I still drink............

  2. Haha Sue--I may take to drinking regardless if we begin or finish the remo!

  3. Tonya, you know what? I have been through a lot of the same exact situation. Happy to say your before kitchen is no uglier or ran down than my before kitchen! I totally get it! It took several years (yes, I said several actually 6+) But we got our kitchen gutted and redone. We all pitched in, me and the kids with my husband! It was so worth it! Still working on a little trim work, and still don't have a back splash, etc. But it is paid for! And I love it, and everyone that enters my home cannot believe it is the same house! Good luck. We will be tackling the bathroom/laudryroom/pantry remodel next, but no hurry! Your plan sounds good, but make sure your floor plan is very well thought out. This I believe is the very most important planning part of the whole thing.

  4. Whoa. That’s a long list. So, are you still going to push through with the remodeling? Friend, I’ve seen your previous post and I, as well, think that you need to remodel your kitchen. It’s been 12 long years and you guys deserve to have a new kitchen. It’s a lot of money, yes. But, it’s for the sanitation and health of your house and your family. Take things slowly. You’ve been really excited for the remodeling and I know you really want it to happen.

    Kristopher Diss


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