Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sown and Harvest #10

Carrot Harvest 2012 -Due to the hellish temperatures of late,  the foliage was turning brown and crispy. It was time to harvest the rest of the carrots

Hmmmm doesn't look like much

Look how vibrant once they are cleaned up. YUM!

These are the "rejects" for my Guinea Pigs

I read on a permaculture forum you can re-root the immature carrots by trimming the stems to 2 inches, put the root in water until the fine hair roots form and you can replant.. I don't know if this will work but if nothing else I will end up with about 2 dozen foliage carrot house plants, haha

All told I would say the carrots were a wash. 
Initial cost of seeds=$2.47  I have harvested 5 lbs of carrots at an average cost per pound $1.99. If I had bought 5 lbs I would have spent $9.95  Due to the unexpected heatwave from hell,  we had to water-- A LOT. I am scared to see my next water bill. Although we had to drain a couple hundred gallons of water from the pool and we used that to water some of the beds--any little bit counts, right?

There are things I could have done differently. Like buy heirloom carrots to save seeds, done successive plantings, thinned appropriately and most importantly I need to install water harvest barrels. This is the first year I was able to harvest this many carrots because the critters usually ate them. Kudo's to my raised bed!  I am happy to have all the fresh sweet carrots (and so are my Guinea Pigs). Hopefully next year will be better


  1. I've never had luck with carrots. Never add up the cost of home-grown produce -- the taste makes up for the expense. :)

  2. Even if those carrots cost $20 a pound, it beats eating the grocery store stuff......


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