Friday, July 6, 2012

Underground Dwellers

Ohhhmygawwwddd. It is so hot. As in HAWT! I live in Ohio-- we aren't supposed to have 105°F (110°F with the heat index weather). That is Texas and Arizona style weather.

 If it keeps up like this we will all have to resort to being underground dwellers. I don't want to live underground. Have you heard of CHUD's (Canibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers)? I don't want them as my neighbors!   

Although I suppose I could deal with some slimy CHUDS if it meant having a cool (both design and temperature) houses like this...

underground home designs swiss mountain house 1 Incredible Underground Residence in Switzerland 
Eden Valley, Cumbria
The Malator House in Pembrokeshire, Wales

Underground House
Michigan Upper Peninsula
As long as I could still have a surface (roof) garden I could deal with living underground.  All I know is I am tired of being hot. 


  1. I'm tired of this heat too. I haven't slept in a week. The bedroom was 86 last night. Yea--that's conducive to a good nights sleep, isn't it? Now, at 3:30, I'm baking bread, so I can get the house cooled back down to .....80 or so before the sun comes up.
    Instead of "Got Milk", it's ----Got ICE?

    1. OMG--woman get thee a window unit AC unit!! Does your camoper have AC? If so my butt would be in there! haha Got ice is appropriate!


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