Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beat the heat

Today the temperatures were scorching. With the heat index it was 110°F. And it is only the beginning of summer. Holy heatwaves Batman.

So besides camping out in the house with AC going full blast the only other option to beat the heat is to go swimming. Except we don't have a pool. It is on the wish list. But who has that kind of money. And you need a fence. Again... $$ cha-ching  cha-ching bodda bing no money and your butt's in a sling $$

So  Tuesday I started reading the town regulations "and if the pool is portable...blah, blah, technical stuff, boring, snooze, snooze, no fence is required." Um what? Back the boat up Burt...No fence is required!! So a quick call to the village to define "portable" and  we were laying tracks to Walmart to find a pool.

Only to find they didn't have any...booo. So off to Big Lots...SCORE!!! 
Not my house or kids but this what we bought. The Intex 16 ft x 48 in pool. Yay!
Intex® 16' x 48" Metal Frame Pool

We scouted the yard and quickly decided behind the garage would be the best spot


According to the directions it was only supposed to take 45 minutes to set up.  They lied. It took us 2 hours. We began filling  with water at 8pm (last night).

10 pm and maybe an inch of water

4:30 am and 2/3 full. I finally turned the water off at 6am so the hubbs would have water pressure for his shower.

The hubbs finished filling the pool and assembling the ladder when he came home from work. By 8pm we had SOMEONE taking full advantage of the pool, haha. 
Our kid (R) and my "adopted" kid (L),The Mandy's
While this isn't the "dream pool" it will do for now. We hope to get 2 years out of it. Besides we need to live in the here and now. Not someday. I don't want to look back on my life filled with if only's, what-if's and someday's.  We are going to put up some type of temporary privacy screen so stay posted for that project.

See the shed in the background? The hubbs said he was gonna turn it into the pool house. Umm that is my potting shed! I think I may have to drown him....


  1. AWESOME! A pool!! Yay for you! (don't make me read about hubbs on CNN or something)

  2. Hahahhahah. Don't drown him YET---he has to get the BIG pool installed first.
    Besides, maybe he could be the "pool boy". But giving up the potting shed,---no way!
    Enjoy the pool!! And stay cool.
    We have no AC. Or pool. Ugh.

    1. Sue--OMG. I can handle no pool. NO AC? I would melt... I hope you have lots and lots of fans. Does your camper have AC? Cause if it does I would be living in it. Y'all stay cool (as best you can!)

      Siiiggghh--yes I will TRY not to drown him. But we are talking about my potting shed! lol

  3. Sandra Sullivan MillerJune 29, 2012 at 8:46 AM

    we had the same idea Lennie is getting our pool today not as big as that but just something to tie us over this summer and then I will get the pool I want. But my pool will be what people call the horse trough. Because it will last a lifetime and if it rust I can always paint it....Happy swimming

  4. I would love any type of pool, too, just to cool off. So glad you were able to find some relief.

    1. Would you believe I haven't used it yet? We had a power outage last night for 24hrs due to straight line winds. Now the pool is filled with debris. I have been to busy trying to clean up all the mess. urgh!


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