Sunday, June 24, 2012

In a Pickle (part 1)

I paid another visit to The Jam and Jelly Lady Cannery for my canning class on Friday and you guessed it--we made pickles...Yummmm!

Let me tell you I LOVE me some pickles. I mean if there were an Ambassador Pickle I would lobby to get that job. I like 'em dilly, sweet, spicy, whole, gherkins and chips. Shoot I even  like pickled vegetables and pickled fruits. Just no pickled eggs, bologna or pigs feet. EEEW!
Um and no pickle flavored toothpaste. Soooo MAYBE I am not worlds biggest pickle aficionado after all. But I do like pickle potato chips. Oooo and fried pickles. Dang now I'm hungry.

But we didn't make just ANY kind of pickle. Nuh Uh ...We made Pickled Dilly Beans, Zucchini Pickles and Pickled Pears. I swear my mouth just watered...mmmmm

Dilly Beans

Um I am a total slacker and didn't take ANY pictures of us canning these until they were done. WHY, you may ask? Because I was to busy flapping my gums socializing  and nomming on the most delicious pickled grapes and pickled vegetable mix. The boy wonder behind the recipes is Chad (check out his delicious blogful of recipes) here!  However you can google Dilly Beans and get A LOT of recipes.  So here is my gratuitous picture of the finished  product. 

Zucchini Pickles

Already brined
Add some flavor
The aroma is wonderful
Starting to develop some color
If it had just been me I swear I would have taken a bite!
Packing the jar
We didn't process these in the water-bath and  decided to go fridge style pickle.  I seriously don't think I can wait 3 days!
Ok- I admit it. I didn't wait the 3 days before I opened the jar of zucchini pickles. I was just testing them for quality, um yeah, that's it!

Now that you have some fine preserved foods, what do you do with them?

How about Dilly Bean Potato Salad?
Serve the Zucchini pickles with your favorite sandwich or burger. If you're me  then just eat 'em out of the jar!
As always practice safety and cleanliness when you are canning. Check your local  extension for canning classes (or contact The Jam and Jelly Lady). The National Center for Home Preservation is a good resource. You don't need a big garden to can and preserve foods. You can find good deals at the Farm markets, Costco, Sam and other big box warehouses. Maybe you have a neighbor/ friend or family that has a bumper crop, don't pass it up.  Enjoy!

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  1. Wow! This sure does sound great! My zucchini is starting to take off, so what another wonderful way to eat them! I like this idea! Thanks,


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