Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome to my nightmare

Time to dial in some of my fear...
Donna (blogger extraordinaire) from Funky Junk Interiors has issued a gauntlet of challenge. Face your fears by doing something about it. I have never posted pictures of my kitchen...ever...because it is embarrassingly shabby. Actually shabby would be several steps up in improvement. It is decrepit, dysfunctional and disgusting. So I am facing one of my fears by showing you my kitchen. And hoping y'all don't judge me to harshly.

I have lived with this mess for 12 years. We just did not have the money to fix it. Is is so dark and depressing. I love cooking. Just not in this kitchen.
Facing East (from dining room)
This is all the actual counter-space I have. No doors because the cabinets have literally fallen apart (hence the curtains). The tiles have popped of the walls. (It is very disconcerting to hear the tiles hit the counter and shatter). There were a few other cabinets but had to be taken down because they were unsafe. (I wake up to little piles of dust and debris because the cabinets are disintegrating) Where the fridge is currently located was a dishwasher that leaked and rotted out the cabinet and wall.
West, North
Butterscotch yellow, avocado green and white embossed gold tiles, faux gold veined marble laminate, dingy green paneling and grubby ceiling tiles. I put up some thrift store shelves, added closet organizers and an old dresser for storage. The dresser doubles as counter space.

The flooring is linoleum that is ripped and peeling. The lighting is horrible. There is an overhead florescent that stays on 24/7 because there is no way to turn it off. There is a flickering florescent over the sink. And my Ikea hanging light over my stove adjacent dresser. Classy, right? Oh let's talk about the flow of the kitchen.Um yeah there isn't any. IT SUCKS!! On the North side there is a door that has gaps and is warped . This leads to the carport. Aahhh--I just love the smell of exhaust in the morning--gag! On the South side there is the bathroom/ laundry room. The East side (window wall) is the back patio and garage. And finally the West side is the stair well to the dungeon/cellar/basement. I am confined by this foot print. Expansion is out of the realm of possibilities.
North, towards carport
South, towards dining room (Bathroom/laundry room is kitchen adjacent)
No matter how much I clean I can't get rd of the grime. It is 40+ yrs worth of crud. There is no ventilation to exhaust the cooking fumes. Also there is little to  no insulation. Yeah I probably have lead paint on the door frames and asbestos under the linoleum. Good times...

I would kill for some storage!! I have cobbled together-- 1 ready to assemble pantry, 2 closet organizers, 1 dresser, and a couple of shelves. 

 Despite numerous medical emergencies, two job losses, our daughters wedding and whatever life has thrown at us, we have scrimped and saved. So after twelve VERY LONG years, we are gonna re-do the kitchen. WAHOOOOO! I think angels are actually singing Hallelujah!!

Now mind you it won't be fancy or expensive. Off the shelf everything. Stock cabinets, laminate counter top and sheet vinyl for the floor. Not what I had dreamed of but ANYTHING will be a dream compared to my current kitchen.  We're DIY'ing it and no new appliances (this year) except I am getting a dishwasher!!!!   hehehehehe---I am giddy with joy and relief. Because y'all I hate, Hate, HATE my kitchen.

Take one last look because the nightmare is going away and this b!tch is gonna get demolished!! I told the hubbs he is gonna go to work and come home to a shell of a room. I can't wait to take the first swing with the sledgehammer!!

I have met with a kitchen planner we just need to finalize the plan since we did 3 different renderings of the layout. Don't worry-- I will be posting all the plans and what-not very soon.


  1. Yay you! I am so excited for you!!! Can't wait to see the work in progress :)

    1. Joy--I really will cry when we start on this room because I hate it so much. I told the hubbs I am gonna live int he kitchen when it is all finished, haha

  2. Sandra Sullivan MillerJune 10, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    reminds me of my old kitchen where I use to live. I have a big kitchen now but I think I need more counter space and something to hold my blender and things I don't use on a daily basis. And no one ever has enough cabinet space. Can't wait to see the finished product good for you......

    1. Hi Aunt Sandra--I wish it were a big kitchen but I have to deal with what it is. I can't wait to get started. Yay!

  3. WOW, how exciting for you!!!! I think it has great bones and all sorts of potential. I can't wait to see how it comes out. Tell hubbs if he thinks the food coming out of there now is great, just wait!!! ;-)

    1. FM--That is what I told him! haha I have literally DREAMED of this.

  4. Wonderful! A new kitchen--yay!!! I 'm so happy for you. I'm glad it's finally coming to you.
    Have fun. And stay nice to each other during the process--believe me, it gets ugly once in awhile.
    The kitchen is THE hardest room to be without for a bit.
    Best to you
    And YAY again!!!

    1. Hi Sue! We are gonna move the fridge, microwave and a toaster oven to the dining room. Unless I find a camper before then! And we have the grill. So I am hoping we really aren't eating out much. AND I will TRY not to be mean to the hubbs--but let's hope he doesn't do anything to make me mad! HAHA

  5. Honestly, I am a little jealous of your kitchen space, but that may be because I am currently living in a 1970's 600 sq ft tin turd with My Man and ten kids, so don't go gett'n all flattered by my Seriously though - I do relate and I'm so happy that you are getting a new kitchen:)

    1. LOL! Holy Moly MM! 10 kids and 2 adults in 600sf? Y'all must have the patience of JOB. I admire your pioneer spirit and now I feel downright bratty and spoiled for complaining. I LOVE your blog! Y'all are very brave and I can't wait to read more!

      Not gonna lie. I am so happy to be getting this kitchen. I have stayed awake at nights the fantasizing about my new kitchen. (Of course it was always way fancier than I would ever have--but that is what a fantasy is all about!)


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