Monday, June 4, 2012

More from my garden

A continued tour of my gardens

My planter bench has coleus, petunias and blackeyed susan vine. 

♪ ♫ I never promised you a rose garden ♫ ♪  
These were hacked out of my friend Pam's garden. She being a non gardener didn't understand why I was so worked up when I found out she was throwing these away. So I drove over to the Milford area and came back with a carload of of half dead roses, fountain grass and succulent ground cover. I am happy to say not only did they all survive--they thrived.

These transplanted orange lilies are from my friend Vicki. She hauled these (and quite a few other plants) in her van last July when she came back to the Cincy area to her mom's.  She said I have a few plants few you, haha It filled my little Ford Focus. I was a sight to behold cruising down the highway with plants everywhere. It definitely garnered more than a few second glances. It is unfortunate there are no pictures.

Lovely lavender. This is my replacement plant because 2 yrs ago the hubbs thought he would "help me weed" when I was laid up really sick and he wiped out my 5 yr established lavender bed. URGG I could have just throttled him. That is why all of the planting beds are delineated with rock or boards. And I recently began installing plant markers. I love Love  LOVE lavender!!

These aren't in my garden but I really like them. My daughter and I went Home Depot and she found all the succulents on clearance for $0.50-$1. So I bought them (obviously) and potted them up. The red pot is hers. The metallic vessel she made for us when she was in high school. Maybe 10 yrs ago.

I have some planter boxes on my back patio (some mint and herbs--which smell soooo good!) and something caught my eye.

So I guess I am not the only one likes all my plants!


  1. Is the little frog a green tree frog? I have some of those around my place too, they are so cute. The flower’s are beautiful!

    1. Hi K

      Yes it is a tree frog. I looked for him/ her (?) last night but no luck. They are soo cute! That is the first time I was that close to one. I usually see them scaling the walls of the house or the garage. Funny enough--never in trees. lol


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