Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buggin' Out and Natural Pest Preventative Measures

I was walking out of my back door and came face to fang with this spider! I didn't kill him/her because I definitely appreciate it take care of the bugs around my house. I just didn't want it to be so up close and personal.

A hungry garden-worm caterpillar larvae on a tomato plant. Which was moved OFF of my plants! Sorry little muncher but I like my tomato plants a lot more than you.

A fuzzy buzzy busy bee gathering pollen from the clover in my yard. If only you would go do your stuff in my garden

My watermelons and cucumbers are under attack from these nasty little bugs. They must perish!
So armed with some knowledge and a few things from around my house and garden --HOPEFULLY it  is enough to stop them!  Here are some natural cucumber beetle controls
  1. Organic Neem oil-spray until run off. Requires a lot of repeated applications  (14 days). Spray very early morning or late evening to avoid sun scald. 
  2. Tilling brings the eggs to the surface where they die from exposure.
  3. Companion planting of radishes
  4. Companion planting of beans
  5. Flattened squares of aluminum foil under the base of the plants
  6. Mulching with straw
  7. Use a spray of hot peppers, water and garlic.
  8. Marigolds is always a great companion because of the natural pesticide. Use the French variety as the Mexican variety will act as an herbicide with beans 
  9. Apply Bt ( Bacillus thuringiensis)
  10. Wood ash in water with soap sprayed on the plants and soil
  11. Apply DE (diatomaceous earth) in the evening at the base of the plant
  12. Bring on the Mantids --they have a voracious appetite and will devour the beetles
  13. Apply beneficial nematodes ( Hexamermis spp.)
  14.  Bait traps

So for now I am employing steps 1-8. Wish me luck as I have already lost 2 watermelon and 4 cucumber plants. I have replaced them but I am worried.

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