Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Veggie Garden

I swear one of these days I will go back to doing stuff around my house. it's just that I love to garden. So that is where I have been spending all my time (and all my money, haha).

Here is my veggie garden in mid April--not much to look at except weeds

Here is my veggie garden in mid May right after we planted. It all looks so puny!

This is the veggie garden the beginning of June. What a difference! Wahoo!

I now have 5 raised beds installed and plan on adding 5 more. Unfortunately it looks a bit odd because of the two-tier plastic raised bed in the middle. Oh well. That will be dedicated to strawberries next year. 

From left to right...
(1)Raspberries,  (2) Rhubabrb, (3)Middle--Carrots, strawberries, chives, (4)Herbs--Pineapple sage, sage, thyme, majoram, oregano, basil (5) Blackberries

Dang I need the hubbs to run the rototiller for me --another reason why I am trying to move to raised beds-- (I can get a small tiller--that I can handle and do it myself)!

I think my squash  will be prolific this season!

Holy Jalepeno's!


What's going on in your garden?

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