Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bedroom 1: Work in Progress

I have been working to update one of our bedrooms. When we first moved into the house there was paneling EVERYWHERE! The front bedroom was no exception. Dark walnut paneling, 40 year old drab royal blue carpet, and dingy ceiling tiles. This was designated my daughter's room. She tacked posters all over the ceilings and painted the walls what can only be described as egg yolk yellow. And so the room has remained untouched. Poorly painted paneling covering our degrading plaster walls, carpet so worn  the holes were patched with duct tape (I AM NOT KIDDING!) and  no storage space.

After my daughter moved out we moved our furniture in and lived with the dysfunctionf or about 2 years. FINALLY our new carpet was installed October 22 but I wasn't able to complete all the painting prior to the install. Since all the furniture was out the room it seem like a fine time to paint and reconfigure the space.

Before (West facing window)

 Before (North facing window)

Unfortunately, we just didn't have the budget to gut the bedroom to the studs. For now we will work with what we have. The loose paneling was re-adhered to the walls using  construction adhesive and finishing brads. All the big gouges were filled with wood putty, left to dry and sanded. The large seams/ gaps were caulked using a paintable silicone caulk.

The windows and trim were cleaned and thoroughly dried. The window trim was sanded using 120 grit sandpaper to take off the varnish and smooth out some of the roughness. This was wiped down to remove any grit and given the once over with a water based primer (Kilz 2). I allowed the primer to set up overnight before I applied the trim coat. I use Valspar Ultra  Kitchen and Bath Enamel White.

Walls painted, trim in progress (West window)

Since we couldn't afford to do much with the ceiling either, the hubbs picked out all of the staples left behind from our daughters' posters. (Haha glad he had that job and not me!) The gouges were filled  in with  light weight spackle and all the rough edges had a seam of paintable silicone caulk.

The ceiling was painted Valspar Oatlands Subtle Taupe (6005-1B). It is sort of a greige (grey + beige) color, depending on the light. Granted the room is small and low ceilings, so we could have gone with white but that is so boring...bland...expected. My [NEW] mantra is do the unexpected! The walls were painted a creamy buttermilk color.  It is a custom mix of leftover paint from the living room -2 parts Cozy Cottage (Behr 740C-3) and 1 part Oatstraw (Behr 740D-4).

Something unexpected but trendy!  The shades I have picked are not so trendy that I need to re-paint 6 months from now.  Here are my inspiration rooms. 

~*Inspiration Rooms*~
Courtesy of
courtesy Country Living

There are 3 windows in the room so we have a North, South and West exposure. Our bed was placed  in front of the West exposure window which I hated because I didn't have access to the largest window and all the light was blocked. Unfortunately there just isn't one wall that suitably fits our queen bed due to the weird little windows (we call them the cat windows). After much consideration this room will be returned to spare room because our furniture just doesn't fit this space. Since we just finished the upstairs bathroom it make sense to have the Master bedroom adjacent  the master bath. 

Now what to do with this space?  hmmmm....

Spare Bedroom (aka The Girly Room) Checklist
[✓] carpet
[✓] repair walls
[✓] paint walls
[✓] prep window trim
[✓] prime window trim
[] paint window trim
[] prime baseboards
[] paint baseboards
[] install ceiling trim molding
[] install new window blinds
[] install window treatments
[] clean up antique bed frame
[] set up bed
[] amp up the charm with a faux fireplace--YES PLEASE!
[] convert closet to entertainment nook
[] install new ceiling light fixture
[] decorate
[] enjoy!

So as you can see my To Do list is extensive but I will keep you apprised of my progress.
 SIIIIIGGGGHHH, a woman's work is never done....

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