Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Falling in and out of love

Do you remember when you fell in love? Because you found...THE ONE! You could barely contain your excitement. The object of your affection was always on your mind and it was the topic of every conversation. After some time passes and careful consideration you throw caution to the wind. You jump in and make a commitment. A long term commitment. A life altering commitment.

You change how you go about your day. Long gone are the carefree days and nights as an non-committed person. You feel you crossed the threshold into adulthood and have responsibilities. So MANY responsibilities. Your friends who have not yet taken the plunge harass you in a good-natured manner, when you beg off of a night of fun and frivolity.

You continue to work and strive for all your dreams, because after all...this is the ONE! After some time there is a sense of  familiarity. While not as exciting as in the beginning,  you are glad it is comfortable. You feel a little more relaxed and settle in for next phase. You tackle all the things life throws at you..setbacks, emergencies, and additions. You spend the next few years living life, growing and changing.

Then one day it happens. All the things that your were once enamored with are now minor annoyances. Quirky and charming have been replaced with ambivalence. Day after day the feelings of unhappiness  grow until you ...cannot possibly live like this ONE MORE DAY! You decide that it may be time to say good-bye.  You wonder could I have done something different? How could something that seemed so perfect now seem so wrong? You understand that people and interests change. You think about friends and family and how they have have been committed for so long. You hear from well meaning elders,  "This generation is never happy. Always wanting bigger and better. Why can't you stay and make it work?"  You just want something... different.  So when did it happen? When did you fall out of love...with your house?

HA!! Fooled you! I bet you thought I was talking about a relationship. Well, I suppose in a matter I was. You do have a relationship of sorts  with your house. Your home. You put your heart and soul into picking colors, making changes to suit you, and  to make it comfortable and inviting. Sometimes it is a forever home. Sometimes it is not.  Even though it may be time to say good bye doesn't mean it was all bad.  You will take with you memories, photographs and anecdotes to tell during social gatherings. You will take with you things you did wrong and right.

Maybe you don't love your house right now. Maybe you can love it again. Maybe not. Regardless if  you are on your first home or your forever home, just  make it yours. Don't base your choices on what society dictates. Your house--your HOME--is a reflection of  YOU. Let your personality shine through. Whatever you love will show and that's what makes design work. It isn't always about pattern, texture and color. It is about the mood-- the feeling it exudes. Be your house big, small, new or old--may it always be filled with love and coziness.

"A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams." unknown

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