Saturday, November 26, 2011

♪ ♫ It's the most wonderful time of the year ♫ ♪

Gaahhh...I am beside myself! I  luuuuurrrrvvvveeee this time of the year! Thanksgiving is the kickoff to the season of festivities...or as I like to call it--The Eating Season!

All the yummy goodness awaits...

 Adult libations to wash it all down!

 And it isn't just the food. It's the music. Christmas music to be specific. How can you not be in a good mood when there are Christmas Carols?!

Andy Williams, "The Christmas Song"

Then there is the shopping and all of the trimmings for beautiful presents 

Courtesy of HGTV

And putting up the Christmas Tree

Courtesy of Martha

 and you need to have a festive and welcoming entry to show the world you are in a holiday frame of mind!
I can't wait to watch my favorite holiday movies, make cookies with my daughter and enjoy the season! Let the Ho-Ho-Ho Holidays commence!

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