Friday, November 4, 2011

My dream creative space

I was trolling the web for inspiration and came across The Inspired Room blog and she posed the question of what would you want in your dream creative space. Well I immediately began daydreaming.....

My dream creative space would be more than the 3X 6 ft. windowless closet I currently occupy. If money were no option, I would be to finish the attic space above my garage. Pop the roof for more head room (or install dormers at the least), install salvaged barn wood floors with all of their lovely patina (sealed with a satin urethane for easy clean up), have windows facing south and skylights for maximum light.  Install french doors on the east exposure opening out to diminutive balcony that overlooks my yard, gardens and creek-- with room enough for a chair and small table to enjoy a cup of tea while resting from all the creative hard work!

As for color–I envision zones traveling through the room. Cooler colors gradiating to warmer colors as the orientation of room changes from a west to east exposure. Shades water, earth and sky–after all mother nature is a prolific artist.

These photos are NOT my space but is similar to what I envision...

Organization is a must! Lots of bookcases to hold my many books and reference materials. Cubbies for bins. Shelves for storage boxes. Also some peg, bulletin and magnetic boards. A must for inspirations boards. From the center beam I would install 3 fabulous and funky chandeliers salvaged from local thrift stores. After all what girl doesn't want a chandelier?!

A super comfy chair  and ottoman with a good reading light, when I need to research and find inspiration. Several large work tables (1 standard height and 1 bar height). Of course it would be outfitted with AC for the sweltering humid summer days and a nice little pot-belly would stove for those frigid winter days. And a mini fridge because a girl can’t be bothered to schlep ALLLL the way down the stairs and in the house when she is on a creative roll. Light, bright and beautiful…Can’t you just picture it?

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