Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The hubbs and I took a relaxed approach this past Sunday even though there are a million things that we should have done. In my usual gung-ho approach I overdid things and as a result I had sharp stabby pain in my back. ouch. So we had a respite and went to breakfast at I-Hop...mmmmm...pancakes! How can your day not improve after pancakes?

I popped a couple of ibuprofen  and decided I could work on little things . Like paint my thrift store mirror. I  paid $17.50 for the mirror--which is more than I wanted to pay--but for solid wood frame, solid wood backing, nice simple lines and it is the proper size (16.5 x 22 inches). It's perfect for my diminutive upstairs bathroom. Sometimes a bargain isn't just about  price. In this case the price was reasonable, but I considered my time to be the most important bargain.

I began by flipping the mirror over and removing all of the screws (and putting the screws and hanger wire in a plastic container--so as not lose any).

 the back board, carefully removed the mirror (watch out for sharp edges) and placed the mirror is a safe location.

Next the fame was lightly sanded with 150 grit sand paper and wiped with a cloth to remove any  particulates.

 I gave this frame a light spay of a satin white, using even continuous passes. Let this dry between applications.

Not to heavy because you don't want globby or runny  paint. 

And since my house is older I decided to give the mirror some patina. After the 2nd coat of paint was dry, I applied a very thin layer of crackling medium. (I would have taken a picture but it is clear so you wouldn't have seen it.) I waited (rather impatiently) for the crackle medium to dry to a sticky tacky film. Then applied a very fine mist of white. Since the 2 coats were adequate to cover, I did not need a heavy application. The result is a very fine crackle. I chose not to spray a top coat sealant. I want the mirror to  be handled and experience a little more wear before I seal it.

VOILA! One perfectly aged mirror. It is all the imperfections that bring character to things (and people). Who wants perfect? Perfect is boring. It also makes me feel inadequate, so I embrace my imperfect quirky self...stuff. Whatever....

Unfortunately the crackle isn't showing in this picture. Had I used a contrasting color under the crackle it would have been more visible.

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