Tuesday, November 29, 2011

~* Fa La La La La *~

I am a hoarder of Christmas gift wrap. I know that seems like an exaggerated statement. After all this doesn't look like it is out of control...

There are a total of 30 rolls of gift wrap paper. Yes 30. As in I could wrap a Christmas gift every day for 30 days and not use the same paper twice.

There were 16 packages of tissue paper. Each package contains between 16-60 pieces of tissue paper. I have combined all the like colors, so it gives the illusion of being much more contained. 

The gift boxes aren't bad. Well that is because somewhere before  my daughter's December 18th wedding last year,  I misplaced an ENTIRE Rubbermaid tote of various sized gift boxes. I still can't find them...

Then there are the gift bags. Ok not so bad except remember that missing Rubbermaid tote of gift boxes? Yeah, there was also a stack of bags with the boxes.

Then there are these nifty little paper boxes. I only have a few of these. Only because there wasn't any room in the current container.

Oh you need a gift tag? Um, why yes, I happen to have a few.

At least the bows are under control.

These are the only 4 remaining boxes of Christmas cards. That is because I donated an entire copier box filled with my excess cards. (And in case you are wondering that is a box dimension of 11.5 inch wide x 17.75 in long  x 9 inch high). That is a lot of Xmas cards!

I suppose it is worth it after the family sees a big ol' stack of presents.

I don't have the tree up yet. Just wait until you see all of the Christmas decorations. (That is another post!)  

 Years ago the hubbs said I could have my own paper factory. Perhaps not a factory but I certainly could set up shop as a gift wrap center. If anyone happens to see me browsing the aisles, pushing a cart of Christmas wrapping papers, ribbons and bows... for goodness sake.. STOP Me! 


  1. cindykaysullivan clarkNovember 29, 2011 at 9:25 AM

    OMG yes hoarder LOL .but at least your not out of control.and everything is neat and has a place.wow where is the tree going?cant wait to see the decorations : )<3

  2. Sandra Sullivan MillerNovember 29, 2011 at 8:00 PM

    I have the same problem must be a family trait

  3. Omg is there even such a thing as an "organized hoarder"? Haha you should help my mother-in-law, she needs to add the word storage tote to her vocabulary!!! Karen

  4. lol Karen. Thanks for reading and posting. Yes I am an organized hoarder. AND I did find the missing tote of bags and boxes....


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