Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Frugalistic with a muffled thud....

I haven't posted much lately between the demands of my job and ongoing house remodel.  After 11 looooonnng years we have finally reached the point where we could begin the house remodel.  We began by doing some insulation work and installing carpet in the living room and both bedrooms.  I can't begin to tell you nice it is to have this carpet in a drafty old house...in the winter.

The house isn't being remodeled in the manner I had first envisioned.  Due to unforseen circumstances (impending job loss and re-evaluating our finances) the projects have been scaled back to frugalistic (frugal+realistic).    Cue the "wah-wah-wah" sound here.  Nothing like have your dreams hitting the ground with a muffled thud.

After feeling sorry for myself (and drowning my sorrow in booze food),  I decided everything will be ok. Instead of running to a big box store everytime I need something for a project , I am going to put on my creative thinking cap and find a less pricey alternative.  Anytime you can re-use, reduce, recycle, and repurpose is a good day for your pocketbook and mother earth. This is also an opportunity to see exactly how creative I can be. (No pressure!)

Drawing inspiration for the color pallette from my favorite piece of art and focal point of the living room.

I had hoped to gut the room to the studs but reality reared it's ugly head.  So we worked with what we have. Painting the panelling a creamy, dreamy pale yellow (like cool glass of buttermilk, mmm) and added crisp white crown molding has done wonders to amp up the the charm factor.  Splashes of color in the pillows, artwork and the quilts covering the couch keep the room from feeling bland.  Bamboo shades bring texture and much needed privacy.  The living room is approximately 90% complete.  I still need to install the new chunky 4 inch cottage style baseboards also painted a crisp white to match the mouldings.

The "someday" dream would be coffered ceiling and non-panelled walls but for now I will enjoy the plushy carpet and seek cozy refuge from the chaos elsewhere in the house.  So come on in sit for a spell and let's get acquainted....


  1. Thank you for coming to our blog and spending so much time reading it all. It means alot that someone else is enjoying our journey as well. I just read about your farmhouse project, I hope you post more, I want to know all about IT! I'm adding you to our faves too. Hope I can inspire you to blog about your work.

    Oh and thanks for all the comments. I'll try to respond to each one, but I thank you for your kind words.

  2. Thank you! You are my first follower! I am trying to write more. Well come January after my plant closure time will no longer be the prohibitive factor, haha!

    I have lots of ideals and plan to get them pen to paper...errr...keyboard to computer.


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